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A friend has recently inherited a Compaq Deskpro EN machine after his wifes company upgraded their computers.

He asked me to help him set it up. I installed Windows XP and Office etc and the computer is running fine.

However he had bought a PC World UK own make USB modem which I duly installed. The PC recognises it and states it is working properly. I carried out the query modem and it shows itself as okay.

When I tried to connect to the internet, it started to try and dial but it will not connect. I bought the PC home and tried it here but it is still not connecting.

I decided to try my own internal modem in his machine after my brother told me he had tried two USB modems on two different laptops and one desktop machine, but they never worked.

The Compaq has a riser board for PCI cards and I put my modem in it. Win XP started and detected it as new hardware and then shut itself down. I tried installing the card in different slots but it just does the same thing. As soon as I took the card out it worked fine again.

I put the modem back in my own PC and it is working fine also.

Sooooo, does anybody have any idea on how I can either get the USB modem to work or how to get round the shutdown problem with the internal modem.

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Dec 12, 2003
My deskpro p2 350 works fine with both modem and usb devices. There was a slight hiccup when using one of the pci slots but a reinstall of xp pro sorted this out.

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