Mini iPods!

Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by tRoG, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Anul

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    And the price isnt that bad and 4 gig is enough to have any clue when it will be out ?
  2. Jonty

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    The rumour mill also has it that special edition black iPods may be produced next year (exisiting pictures are apparently mockups to demonstrate the backlight features, however). Video iPods, similar to Sony and Archos devices, are also thought to be in pipeline.

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    Edit ~ After doing a little research, it seems Sony's portable video player is just a prototype. It features a 3.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen and a 20GB hard drive for loading up to 10 hours of MPEG-2 video (and possibly MPEG-4). Full-size colour iPods are available in a lot of colours from the US-based ColorWare. Finally, Archos's video player, unlike Sony and Apple's, is a reality (if a little expensive) in the form of the AV300 Series.

    From left to right: Sony's portable video player; 'Carbon', 'Ferrari' and 'Caution' Coloured iPods; Archos AV300.

  3. Zephirus

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    Smaller ipods.. they'd go for what.. £90 over here - i guess less if you imported them. Heck i'd hit it, i'd love something smaller than my archos.
  4. Xavier

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    The AV300 series devices aren't the first portable players for video files, Archos themselves have had another product, their MultiMedia Jukebox which played music & video - though the screen is tiny.

    It also had a camera attachment, able to record pictures and video directly to the harddisc.

    One other rather cool feature of the MMJ which Apple have recently claimed as a first of their own, is how it intereacts with smartmedia and compactflash. With the supplied silver dongle you can plug a memory card into the base of the archos and transfer files off, making it a bottomless pit for all but the most avid digital photographers. Even at 6 megapixels shooting in RAW mode the 20Gb drive is good for about 1500 shots ;)
  5. Gurnox

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    I read something about this in the Evening Standard tonight. Apparently they are to be going for £65.00 and have "enough space for 800 tracks".

    The Evening Standard is not the best, or most complete, source for this sort of information though so I wouldn't be surprised if this was utter guff.

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