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Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Nunnan, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    Currently trying 18 arc/33 fire, it's doing great so far.Of course i do miss presence of mind sometimes but combustion is very useful too, it can do very nice damage with blastwave plus ignite 5.So far i have tried:

    16 arc/35 frost.
    21 arc/ 30 fire.
    28 arc/23 fire.
    31 arc/20 fire.
    18 arc/33 fire.(current testing spec.)

    I find fire the best for pvp if you have good crit items that is, i have loads on my mage and it makes a nice difference especially with incinerate 2 and critical mass 3.However frost slightly edges it in pve i think due to the iceblock and ice barrier, though now i got high crit rate i would say on instance bosses scorch really is good now.
  2. Danya

    Danya Fledgling Freddie

    I'm 18 arc / 33 frost ATM. Still really like frost; got a slight boost this patch as ice block now breaks sheep. ;>
    Really wouldn't recommend a spec without at least 18 arc for pvp - you need the imp CS and IAE.

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