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LVIII ( are recruiting!

Discussion in 'Karak Eight Peaks' started by Vale, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Vale

    Vale Fledgling Freddie

    About Us

    The 58th was founded within the MMOFPS game known as Planetside. Back then we played under the name of “The 58th Marine Corp (The Wildcards)” as a New Conglomerate Outfit on the Werner server. As an Outfit we had fantastic success as a well organised group and we helped establish and maintain an NCWerner alliance. The fight continued in Planetside for many years and beyond the Planetside period we have played many games together ranging from: Counter Strike (1.6 and Source), Battlefield (2 and 2142), Unreal Tournament, Dawn of War, World of Warcraft and the list could go on.

    As a clan we were also highly successful in World of Warcraft, where we raided under the name of “Solar Noctis” on the Daggerspine/Kazzak EU server/s. Before the first expansion (The Burning Crusade) hit we had successfully completed both Molten Core and Blackwing Lair and were making our way through Ahn'Qiraj.

    We are currently endorsing various games under our tag (=58th=) namely: Enemy Terrority: Quake Wars, EVE Online, Team Fortress 2 and the long awaited MMORPG Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, which we are now actively recruiting for. Our name is in reference to a TV series called Space: Above and Beyond.


    1. You must be 18+ to become a part of the 58th. Exceptions will be made for fantastic candidates.
    2. A level of acceptable maturity is a requirement. For example; playing highly annoying music through the TeamSpeak2 channel. Just don't.
    3. Registering on the website is a requirement. Important information will be passed upon here and making sure you know this is crucial.
    4. To join you must fill out an application within the 'Applications and Introductions' forum (a template is provided | read the sticky).
    5. A passable level of both written and spoken English is necessary.
    6. Working microphone or at least the ability to listen on TeamSpeak2 is a necessity.
    7. Stay active and have fun.

    WAR Rules of Note

    1. Activity in game and upon the forums will determine your rank. If you do not install and join us on the TeamSpeak2 channel you cannot proceed past the 1st Guild rank.
    2. Activity is highly important. If you are inactive for 1 week you will be given an 'Absent' rank, if you are inactive for 3 weeks without notification of the reasons why, you will be kicked from the Guild. We understand that real life is far more important, but a post to tell us that you will be away is all we need.


    Respect: Simple really; respect everyone inside and outside the team. Everybody deserves respect. If you have a problem with a player; privately message or speak with an Officer about it and they will see that your problem is looked into.
    Constructive: Be constructive whenever you can regarding important matters or questions.
    Reputation: Uphold it. Claiming someone is a cheat just because you think so is not respectful or constructive. Obtain evidence and back yourself up, then we can deal with it properly. The same can be said of grieving conduct in other games.

    What can we offer you?

    As a gaming Syndicate we can offer the following:

    • A fantastic website. A wide variety of themes are included to suit your gaming tastes.
    • Karma and Medal features, where you can be rewarded for your efforts in-game and out*.
    • A homepage which provides all the relevant information you'll need to know from the moment you access the website, such as TeamSpeak2 details (see who is online), new posts, RSS feeds with relevant game news and more.
    • Active community and forums.
    • We can offer a community to be proud of, but more importantly we can offer you a team to be proud of. The 58th continue to strive for more from our gaming, trying our utmost to best the competition around us.
    • Regular events with fun at the core.
    • RvR centric with some PvE mixed in.
    • Guild hierarchy earn yourself the right to a higher position.

    58th WAR Ranking System

    The Guild hierarchy is in place to better serve the Officers and members of the Guild:
    Prophet of Sigmar: Guild leader; sets the overall goal, has final say on promotion and recruits, main point of contact for inter-guild relations.
    General: Guild leaders deputies: make sure the members know what's going on from the top, act as contacts for specific areas and maintain Guild relations and morale.
    Champion:Top level for normal members who have no specific duties but have shown very good capability and willingness to promote teamwork and ambition as well as regular play time. Standard Bearer rank.
    Captain: Normal members who are on their way to fulfilling the criteria for Champion.
    State Troop: Normal members who have shown regular play time and ambition, but not enough to push them up to Captain.
    MIA: For those members that are inactive.
    Peasant: All new members start as this. To proceed past this rank you must install and join us on the TeamSpeak2 server.

    Special Ranks:
    Drill Master: Recruits new members for the Guild.
    Grand Organiser: Manages and leads in-game RvR/PvE events.
    Scholar: Writes and maintains Guild specific lore.

    Please Note

    * = All of the features listed shall come with the latest rendition of That's a promise.
  2. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie


    I am Rikhart and have taken over from Vale as Guild Leader of LVIII (the 58th) on KEP.

    We are still recruiting people at all levels of the game, and are particularly looking for people who enjoy teamwork to achieve a goal (usually the goal of giving Destro a hard time on the battlefield!!)

    So give us a thought!
  3. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie

    We are Still recruiting. People Interested should talk to our Sergeants at arms, Ted and Ski.

    I am currently on enforced downtime (enforced by a dead graphics card)
  4. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie

  5. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie

    We are now also active in t2 as many of us are levelling KotBS! My T2 alt is Albrechta if you need to contact me and Rikhart is not available.
  6. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie

    A Large Unit of LVIII have started hitting T4 now. We also still have T3 groups from the Altbrigade
  7. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    Space Above and Beyond references test out with a very high approval rating.

  8. Mawdrigen

    Mawdrigen Fledgling Freddie

    hhe yeah Bountyhunter the syndicate creator was a big fan :D

    We have now started moving into T4 mostly small unit interruption and harrassment actions as opposed to full on keep grinding.

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