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DEST: Northernfury recruiting

Discussion in 'Karak Eight Peaks' started by Vinchant, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Vinchant

    Vinchant Guest


    We're quite new (few weeks old) guild with roster of bit over 50 members. Most us are tier2 and now more and more making it to tier3. We're looking for relaxed players and only main characters. Activity is required, and we clean up the roster daily if inactive long enough without informing the guild in the guild forums.

    We have ventrilo server up with 25 slots (practically unlimited if required) and guild website at We also have a guild about to go live in World of Warcraft and in the future other games as well.

    We like to do RvR, and we actively organize warbands for keep taking. Some of our members also like to PvE so we're not limited only for RvR players. We have members from around the Europe. We also have few ex DAoC players, myself included (joined DAoC quite late so not really a veteran but few toons at lvl 50 and some RR). Oh, and naturally we play in Karak Eight Peaks.

    Nearly forgot the most important,

    If you want to join, /tell Zogs in-game :D

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