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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Flimgoblin, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    I doubt anyone will defect.

    From what I understand the lasher upgrade is a double edged sword, it's less accurate.

    I've found joy in sniping and I'm having a go with a MAX (First time since BETA) so may not take HA again.

    Lasher is very fun to kill with though.
  2. Will

    Will Guest

    I don't have HA anyways. I'm very much a Gauss and AV grunt, though I do grab a Cycler if I'm moving indoors.

    And everyone steals a Striker when they can. Though the Lancer can be funny.:)
  3. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    You mean an NC without a jackhammer? :eek:

    On a more serious note - Strikers really are the pick of the crop, but the versatility of the Lancer gives it a few points. 3 shotting infantry is a bit of a bonus, because if you're careful, 2 shots before they know what's hit them, and you re-aim the 3rd shot to take into account them moving.
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    NC AV is the win vs. MAXs and long-range aircraft. Nothing like flying a missle into a tower, down the stairs, and into the MAX skulking there.;)
  5. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    Unfortunately by that time yer riddled with sniper bullets :)
  6. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    :fluffle: tr0g

    There ya go :)

    And plenty more where that came from!
  7. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest



    *Boots Sickie up the rectum*

    You were rubbish! :eek:
  8. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    errrrr..... :scared:
  9. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    Bah. :(

    I sense rejection :(
  10. Har har!! j00 teh gh3yz0r!!11 Haa-harr!!1

    *fingers tw0g*
  11. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Nooooo :fluffle:

    Just let's keep it to :fluffle: rather than :sex: huh?

  12. Maliz-

    Maliz- Guest

    yeah... close my thread as a OOT, but this? yeeeah.. this is definately on topic..
  13. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Close this thread too if you want, Maliz (if you started it) :p
  14. *keeps molesting tr0g*
  15. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    *keeps enjoying it*
  16. Now defect to NC.. or shall pixie get all teh snuggles!?
  17. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    "Through misery and pain we shall endure" - Alfred Molinz, 1928.

    IBTL! ;)
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