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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Flimgoblin, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin Guest

    8 or so players from Humberton Guard (planetside division) are looking for a new home.

    We range from the incredibly casual 4 hours a week to the fairly addicted 15+ hours a week.

    Looking for an outfit of a reasonable size (so there's people to talk to when we log in ;)) and that does fairly organised outfit-squads.

    Preferably a good sense of humour too rather than nazi jackboots et al.
  2. One combat engie (slightly used, one previous careless owner, stolen soul) looking for a home. Has AMS, will travel.

    Always a shame when an outfit/guild/clan/whatever-else bites the dust, but HG is just a little too quiet these days.
  3. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    Come join us.

    Massive amounts of ex doac players, quite a lot of us on most of the time, outfit squads etc. Friendly players etc etc.

    Give me, DrClink, Nova, Nez or SilverHood (If he still plays ;) ) a shout :)

    I'll look out for you ingame as well.
  4. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin Guest

    believe you already stole Eeek from us ;) (or rather he sodded off due to noone ever being on - don't blame him:))

    so Sov guard sounds like fun :)

    Will see what the others think :)
  5. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    We did?

    Woops. Terribly sorry. :(

    Just lettus know if you decide to join us, and we'll sort out beatin.. err.. invitations. :D
  6. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Guest

    Phoenix Legion on NC may also be headed the same way :( despite the stats page showing 92 odd members we're lucky to get 5 or 6 on at a time. Hopefully it will get sorted soon and not end up folding/
  7. That would indeed suck. :(
  8. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    Phantom Commandos

    Give me a /tell as Wicoa, we are currently no.2 ranked in outfit points and I think still no.1. We reg. have at least one squad up if not two/three. We are interested in nice players :) only. Oh we have our serious folk and our casual folk too so prob suit you down to the ground tho I think we lean towards serious, given our current outfit position.

    Firebird our 1st commander is away atm tho but he will be back, he's just on hols.
  9. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin Guest

    too late - we got b0rged by the Sov Guard - thanks for the offer though, Esoteric :)

    If Venom turns out to be a gimp we can always hop ;) *ducks*
  10. Better idea... defect to NC (you know you want to... fight the opression etc.) and join PL. ;)

    i aer an officar now!11
  11. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    Oo err. *Prods Venom and screams "GiVf iNViTE!1!1!"*
  12. tr0g, you snake! Repent! Defect! ... come snuggle?

    Just think about it... pixie is getting all teh luv and all teh snuggles for the win - you ain't getting nuffin!! Nuffin, you hear me!?
  13. Bels > j00 sickie, sorry.
  14. Ha! I bet I am a lot more attwactive than some goth type thing creature. :m00:

  15. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    *prods tRoG back*

    Will invite when spot you on next.

    If we turn out to be gimpos you can indeed leave, but I'll be sending the boyz around. And you don't wanna mezz with mah boyz.
  16. Ph34r teh Darkly Cute ones Sickie, ph34r with a capital PH.
  17. Bah... I shall have all of yar heads!

    ... well, what's left of them after a Jackhammer treatment. :p
  18. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    ..which is remarkably little. ;)
  19. I usually just scoop up the purple bits with blood on them and put them in a doggy bag in case I get the munchies during a tower defense.

  20. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    I want snugglez :(
  21. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    I'd give you snugglez but I'm too macho. ;)

    Lemme call the wife tho... :D
  22. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    Wee, first trip out with 'teh outfit'... and my comp died.
  23. That's what you get for upsetting meh, bi0tch!!1

    *slaps tr0g*
  24. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    :( not just yours.

    Lag was horrible there :(
  25. old.tRoG

    old.tRoG Guest

    I can explain! I can change! Oh, snugglebunny!
  26. *pouts*

    Purple is teh gh3y anyway... I am like soooo disapointed. *sniff, sniff*
  27. SoWat

    SoWat Guest

    prepare for mass defections to Vanu when the lasher gets fixed, and the JH users jump ship :)
  28. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    Doubtful, the "fix" is not that significant really and doesnt make the lasher any better than the JH.

    Now, if they were to nerf the JH, then this may happen :)
  29. SoWat

    SoWat Guest

    Reading some of the comments sfter SOE's test night, there was more than a little whining from JH users who complained of getting ''0wn3d' by the Lasher.

    ... guess they'll have to think of a different tactic other than run and shoot.
  30. Will

    Will Guest

    Doesn't really matter, since NC have me.;)

    I can't see any mass side-change anyway, since it would mean starting a character from scratch and finding a new outfit. I can't see that many people changing.
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