lend us a team.

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by ScoobyDoo{KEA}, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. ScoobyDoo{KEA}

    ScoobyDoo{KEA} Fledgling Freddie

    burnley, sorry but were utter shite.

    14 professional players,no bloody wonder were now languishing at the bottom of the 1st div.manager has no money to spend on new players and the ones he has are absolute shit(with a few exceptions)

    rant over. :)
  2. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    You can have Michael Stewart back...
  3. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Smile man. You could be a Leeds United Fan :)
  4. Shaeffer

    Shaeffer Dear Little Mite

    Even the other Blackburn fans and myself have stopped laughing and are turning to pity...thats not good :p
  5. echo

    echo Fledgling Freddie

    We (Notts C) are in the same position, except a league lower - no money, sod all players, crap first team... Not a good feeling, is it? :<
  6. mank!

    mank! Part of the furniture

    Plus Stan Ternent's a ****.

    If it's any consolation, better times will come. Just struggle through and soon the light at the end of the tunnel shall blind you.
  7. Bodhi

    Bodhi FH is my second home

    Could be even worse tbh. You could support Villa :/
  8. ScoobyDoo{KEA}

    ScoobyDoo{KEA} Fledgling Freddie

    cheers m8,we lost james mcavely at the weekend,bloody gutted he was a good lad.wew could do with a few more loanies off ya m8,so if dwight yorke has nowt better to do chuck him this way :) or brad friedel.
  9. Shaeffer

    Shaeffer Dear Little Mite

    Yorkie you can have, though he's not for girls, so might not fit in ;)

    Friedel sod off :p

    and as for McEverly, aye was a shame about him. Had high hopes he'd break into the first team this year. Still, perhaps he misheard me when I said Break ;)
  10. ScoobyDoo{KEA}

    ScoobyDoo{KEA} Fledgling Freddie

    think he's torn his knee ligaments,will be out for a while which is a pity.i have to say though that all the loan players we have (11) in total have played fairly well,pity our keeper went to the same school as stevie wonder :)
  11. raw

    raw Can't get enough of FH

    We are struggling as well.

    Yours sincerely, a man utd fan :kissit:

    And before you say it, i actually live in Manchester and yes, that is a rare occasion :D

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