Last 2 Tuesday afternoon sidi raids 10/2 & 17/2


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 22, 2004
I have been running public sidi raids on allmost every tuesday afternoon
lvl 48+ for months and will stop them because I want to dedicate all my time to TOA .
The next will be 10/2 and last will be tuesday 17/10.
Muster at 01.30 pm gmt in Gwyntel,sort grps and leave the latest for sidi at 02.00 pm gmt.
There will be given no mods for these last 2 raids and people with mods will please use them on these 2 raids.

The raid stops at 6 pm gmt.

Non announced afks will not be tolerated.

Lotto rules:
-Lotto will be class/specc based and random 100.
-We will lotto all drops- so if posible all will get one.
-You can lotto for main + alt
-You can lotto for lvl 47+alts, if it is announced before we enter sidi, otherwise ÿou will lotto for the char you have in the raid.
-When class lotto are done -then non winners will lotto.
-When all have 1 item, then all can lotto out of class.

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