It's cold where I live now...

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Uncle Sick, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Heck, they declared state of emergency in Maine two days ago.
    -19 degrees Celsisus last time I checked.

    Pipes in our house were all frozen up earlier this morning - neighbor fixed it and I've just returned from a celebratory crap. :p
    I need to have my car idle for a good 15 minutes every morning before I leave for work otherwise my freaking hands will stick to the steering wheel.

    Anyone else freezing to death? ;)
  2. ~Yuckfou~

    ~Yuckfou~ Lovely person

    It's true we don't know what "really" cold is in the UK.
    I remember watching some footage from Stateside, a guy threw a glass of water in the air. Before the water started falling it had formed into tiny ice crystals.

    *reminds self not to pee outside in very cold weather*
  3. Deadmanwalking

    Deadmanwalking Fledgling Freddie

    No, lucky bastard :(

    Ok maybe -15 is a bit over the top, but a nice -5 would do.
  4. Lazarus

    Lazarus Part of the furniture

    That all - over here all i'd do it pull on a jumper over my tee shirt (or opt for a long sleeved shirt)

    fecking pansies if you ask me
  5. Lazarus

    Lazarus Part of the furniture

    *snaps* Yuckfou off the lamp-post
  6. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Hehe... I still wear shorts when I go outside for a five minute smoke.

    My nutsack is chiming like Santa's sled bells when I go upstairs again, though. Scared a racoon on our porch to death last night. :D
  7. ~Yuckfou~

    ~Yuckfou~ Lovely person

    A hairdryer would have been much more humane ya cnut!
  8. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    Where the hell do you live ?
  9. Gray

    Gray FH is my second home

    gah :( wish i could be in all the snow and ice... its fuckin sunny here where everywhere else is blitzing it down with snow :(


    i think the website in his first post gives that away L ;)
  10. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Arse-end of space (admittedly, the area is quite beautiful).

    Lake Region, Maine/Oz/Land of the Freedom Fries.. halfway between Lewiston and Portland (a one hour drive in good weather, 3-4 in a blizzard) to be more exact. And - no - I am not a fcking yankee. :p
  11. Deadmanwalking

    Deadmanwalking Fledgling Freddie

    He is German, much much worse :p
  12. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    I went out by the sea today. Got a tan, drank a few ice cold teas.

    Another lazy day by the beach.

    Cold? What is the meaning of this.....cold? :D
  13. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Not surprising when you're sitting on top of the fekking mountain that is your sig. :eek:

  14. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    Well im jealous, i want to live somewere that you get to see all the seasons every year. Not like UK when it just pisses it down all the time :/
  15. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    *cowers* I know, I know... and if I come up with something witty I shall change it again.

    We have a mountain right in front of our house basically - Mount Washington. They really are not very imaginative with names here... Oxford is 20 minutes away, Denmark and Norway about 15 minutes etc. etc. :D

    Oh, btw - here is your mountain (Washington, ja!).
  16. xane

    xane Fledgling Freddie

  17. Frizz

    Frizz Can't get enough of FH

    The only perk, whilst living in Qatar. :p
  18. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    he has a point you know
  19. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Can't get enough of FH

    I hate the cold.

    Roll on April in my opinion.
  20. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    I've got a theory that films with snow in tend to be much better on average than films without.

    It's the same with games for me - it's no coincidence that the best tribes, tribes2, Call of Duty, <insertwhatevergameyoueverplayedeverhere> maps all have snow in 'em :)

    Or is it just me? :(
  21. nath

    nath Fledgling Freddie

    Fargo == win.
  22. Big G

    Big G Has a sexy sister. I am also a Bodhi wannabee.

    There is no such thing as "cold", only inappropriate clothing.


    j/k ;)

  23. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

    It was -5 here today, which with our rather considerable windchill works out somewhere between -10 and -13.

    Yay for the North Atlantic gales! :)
  24. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    *snuggles up to keep tw0g warm and comfy* :p

    Oh... happened earlier when I went to buy some food for the weekend at the local, tiny, overprized (no such thing as fixed prizes for anything here) foodstore - anyway - it's so farking cold that the liquid in their sprinkler system froze and the fire alarm went off.

    Resulted in a little panic and the local fire department, sheriff etc. heading there at top speed.
  25. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Can't get enough of FH

    Why the land of the freedom fries? why not move south. I wouldn't mind going there on holiday but living? Way too cold :)
  26. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    If it was that cold here id just invest in a snowboard as an alternative mode of transport to walking.
  27. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    There be dragons!!1
  28. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

    Why not be a real man, and buy a jacket?
  29. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Pfffft Cold Cold I tell the man! You wanna gan with the Toon to Valaranga man!

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