Is this the new Shuttle power supply?

Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by Quige, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    Just reading the Shuttle shopping thread and popped off to the US site when I was reminded of the new power supplies.

    Would this, the XPC PC40 250W Power Supply, at the top of the page be the one - ?

    So a couple of questions.
    If it is, would I be able to use it in this country? and is it really any quieter than the current 200W fitted to the SN45G? Or at least no noisier.

    Or would the one from the German site be a better bet ?

    I was looking at the power req on ATI's website for the 9800 Pro, and they said that you should have 300W, which I realise I'm not going to get for the Shuttle. I thought the 250W might do instead. Otherwise I seem to be limited to a 9600XT ... though I thought I had read of some other Shuttle users having 9800s in theirs.
  2. Cyfr

    Cyfr Banned

    *reads and notices he has a 9800 pro in his shuttle..*

    Will it not perform as good or something?
  3. Xavier

    Xavier Can't get enough of FH

    Yes, looking at the photo it says it supports 100v-240v input, but you'll probably need to flick a switch on the back.

    As to a 9800 Pro, it should be a-ok, ATI say 300W to give the card headroom in a normal full-size ATX system.
  4. Jonty

    Jonty Fledgling Freddie

    Hi Quige

    I believe that is the new PSU, yes. As far as I'm aware the power-switching is automatic, so it should work both in the abroad and in the UK.

    In terms of its noise rating, I don't have any figures to hand, but those who have experienced the new PSU have consistenly commented on its quietness.

    As Xavier has said, ATI's 300W power requirement is really aimed at full-size desktop systems. I know many people who happily run 9700Pro and 9800Pro cards in their 200W PSU Shuttles without any problems whatsoever.

    Kind Regards

    Edit ~ Check out this page, which comments on the new PSU, albeit in the ST61G4 ~
  5. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    The 250w psu will be available soon from shuttle resellers in the UK. Probably be around £40.

    Microdirect have it listed in their new items sections, but none in stock yet.

    From reading the SFF forums most people haven't noticed a change, although more power with no change in heat and noise isnt a bad thing.
  6. I am one of them.

    Athlon 2800+
    Rad 9800 pro
    CD-RW drive
    WD HDD
    And all 4 usb ports and the firewire port used.

    All without any problems.
  7. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    And for the tip for Microdirect ... I'll keep an eye on them.

    Looks like I can purchase a 9800 Pro with safety when the time comes.
  8. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    "All this plus the new G4 series case design and SilentX PSU which have propelled the ST61G4 to being the quietest and coolest SFF we’ve ever tested."

    so I'll be ordering one of the new PSUs as soon as I can methinks :)
  9. MadJack

    MadJack Fledgling Freddie

    Pc40 Psu

    Anyone actually fitted on of the new 250W PSU's to their shuttle?

    Is it that much quieter to warrnt £45?

    I put a new 80mm stealth fan and turned of the autoguardian - better to have this silent fan running at full silent speed than the old turbine revvin up every 30 secs!

    CPU temps running at a nice constant 40C on an Athlon 2400 1GB ram SN41G2
  10. PR.

    PR. Fledgling Freddie

    Hmm so you can actually swap the main fan in the Shuttle SN41G2 for a quieter one?

    Does it make that much of a difference, I'd heard that the little fan on the Mobo was the big noise maker?
  11. MadJack

    MadJack Fledgling Freddie

    OK all, I have literally just fitted the new 250W Shuttle PC40 psu to my SN41G2 - fiddly - but only took about 15mins. Turned it on - hoping for silence.....

    Not much different to the old one i'm affraid guys.

    If you were looking to buy one of these just for a sound saving, I think you would be pushed to notice a difference. If you want the extra 50W, for say a meaty graphics card - then I reckon it is probably worth it - although such a card would probably give some more noise from its own fan.

    I reckon the best sound deadening move I have made is to fit a stealth fan into the radiator - just undo the 4 thumb screws, unplug the fan, slot in a new one - about £10 - and reassemble I reckon it makes much more of a differnce. I turned off the autoguardian, and keep this new fan spinning at 2250 - much quieter than the old fan. Anyone fitted a new fan to the Northbridge - is that puppy what is making all the din?

    At the same time I fitted the Shuttle CV22 - which is a AGP card that has just a DVI connector - I have a new TFT monitor arriving next week - and this will now allow DVI connectivity. If later I want to upgrade the graphics card - then I will lose this, and buy one for sure with a DVI connector.

    Anyone got any ideas re Graphics cards - is it best to stick with the on board Gforce, and if not, how much do you really need to spend to get something much better?
  12. Yaka

    Yaka Part of the furniture

    i have one installed ( needed to do some adjustment s to the casse) on me SS51G and it is much quieter than me previous.

    and me brothers replaced his shuttle 45g psu with the silent x and it is quieter too.
  13. Xavier

    Xavier Can't get enough of FH

    heh, my shuttle is the noisiest system on our LAN. I decided I could do without floppy or CD-ROM and instead mounted four phat PATA drives on their sides - safe to say with that amount of power draw the new PSU was vital. I had to fit motherboard spacers in the screwholes on the base of each to separate them, and to prevent some kind of meltdown (i killed a couple of quantum drives in a badly ventilated enlight case a couple of years back so I'm slightly cautious when it comes to drives+heat) I've also taken the liberty to cram in a nidec gamma above the ICE fan, blowing air from the back of the case between each disc.

    It's got the quickest cpu I could fit (3.06Ghz HT P4) and 1Gb of ramsinked DDR (of which 700-800Mb is generally in use)... if both fans weren't on full-pelt I reckon something would frazzle within a half hour, but for the moment it does us proud, running as PDC, email and database server. And now we've got a nice big line I'm tempted to sling a game server or two on top.

    Shuttles = :clap:
  14. xane

    xane Fledgling Freddie

    My problem is definitely the PSU fan, the machine makes an annoying hum when it is in standby, and the main fan is off, my step-son, who has the machine in his room, can't get to sleep, it's just such an annoying low noise.
  15. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    Its only a little bit quieter from reports, I thought the fact that it ran cooler was a bigger selling point. Anyone verify this?
  16. MadJack

    MadJack Fledgling Freddie

    No noticable effect on temperature - certainly no hotter for the extra 50W!!

    As for the PSU - my old one used to hum a bit too - slip the case off and make sure it isn't vibrating on any wires against the side of the case.

    With the case on, try pressing it at the back right - on the top and the side - the hum could just be a vibration....

    mine still hums, but I ma sure I can convince myself it is quieter - perhaps just not as quiet as I would have liked - i.e. silent!!
  17. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

    It doesn't work. Maybe I got a faulty one, but it keeps shutting my computer down. It doesn't seem much quieter than the old one if there is any difference at all, and it doesn't seem cooler.

    It doesn't work.

  18. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

    Come on, anyone? Is there something in the BIOS that I gotta flip?
  19. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    The humming is likely to be vibration caused by hysterisis from the transformer. Most probably its not properly screwed down, or it isn't encased in resin.
  20. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

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