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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fangorn, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Fangorn

    Fangorn Fledgling Freddie

    Hello there.

    I know that since ToA, and NF have come out, many people (including me) have felt that daoc has become a bit crap and not really worth playing. So here's the idea - What do people think would be the chances of Mythic (on the US servers) or GOA opening up a 'daoc classic' server, which only includes the Shrouded Isles expansion. Since there are pleanty of people who have quit out of disatisfaction over the new expansions, surely this would make good business sense and attract people back?
  2. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Fledgling Freddie


    Not again............
  3. Roteca

    Roteca Can't get enough of FH

    and this havent been sugested like 1000 times already on FH ?

    sure it would be good for many ppl, but tbh, NF aint that bad either, you know that you aint forced to zerg or camp towers rigth ?
  4. Adoctor

    Adoctor Fledgling Freddie

  5. Fangorn

    Fangorn Fledgling Freddie

    Excuse me for being new :( I'm just sad I can't play the game I knew and loved any more.
  6. Brunore

    Brunore Fledgling Freddie

    They wont do it because they want you to buy the expansions.
  7. Roteca

    Roteca Can't get enough of FH

    excuse accepted, but still, you can play it very much alike as you did before if you want to, sure you dont have to port (good thing), but you need to take boats to certain areas (downside but qutie ok anyway) but it have seemed since even before NF came it was a patch were you were automaticly forced to join the zerg forces or camp them towers, but you dont have to unless you want, build a balanced grp, roam around like you used to pre NF. its quite ok realy 8)

    areas have been changed sure, must it be smth bad ? Realm abilitys have been changed, and i see that as a + side realy, making "lost" classes aviable again... hello thanes
  8. Fangorn

    Fangorn Fledgling Freddie

    It's not just NF. It anoyed me that NF made small group RvR encounters hard to come by, I admit. ToA added new abilities and changed RvR as well, for the worse, not to mention that I can't really be bothered to do a load more PvE anyway. Give classic server and /level 50 :D I'm sure you've all heard this before. I'm just feeling nostalgic for old daoc :(
  9. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    old and will never ever happen.

    1. Goa runs the version Mythic gives them .. they're by contract not even allowed to run earlier versions
    2. The whines about all the bugs or to add those couple of things that ARE cool about the newer versions would never ever end
  10. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    i still cant see what ppls problems with NF is, small scale RvR is rife, solo RvR is more plausable than ever, large scale like last night on excal was great fun.

    What you are really trying to say is "I knew emain like the back of my hand, well how to camp APK and MMG anyway. Im too lazy to explore the new lands, cba to get to places where the action is and Im bored standing at svasud shouting 'LFG!!', so i want my old toys back Mr GOA!"

    I got bored of emain whorage a long time ago, as did many, NF is a breath of fresh air in RvR where all are welcome. Want a fight, smack a keep wall and watch the enemy come running, run around finding the enemy XP spots, kill a guard or two, get fools bow (if you have that class) and solo unclaimed keeps.

    As said, this must be the 5th or 6th version of this thread, its still not going to happen.
  11. Fangorn

    Fangorn Fledgling Freddie

    tbh I knew odins better than emain :p But I don't want to at keeps. At least under the old system, people had more of a choice as to whether they wanted to get involved with keeps or not. As a druid I've allways found things involving keeps pretty dull. Anyway as I said before, it's not just NF that I don't like about DAoC.
  12. Helme

    Helme Part of the furniture

    Not.. again!

    New frontiers was at a start, a pain in the ass. Now it has changed sort of, only time you really can get a zerg out is if you touch some keep/tower but else its a nice amount of people.

    ToA was at start, a pain in the ass but now when it settled down its quite easy obtaining artifacts etc. and get a nice template(I managed to get an very nice template and still having good grades in school)

    So instead of whining give it a go, it will take time but when you reach that goal its even more fun then it was before IMO.
  13. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    Can ignore keeps if you want to.

    ToA added a load of stuff to do with your char when you hit 50...


    Hit 50 and you had the options:
    Farm DF

    ToA added a load of stuff you can do to improve/advance your level 50: MLs, Artifacts, Quests.

    However unless you're a fotm gimp who can't stand to be in less than the most uberest kit out there you'll get on fine without it.
  14. Elendar

    Elendar One of Freddy's beloved

    many want, noone expects
  15. Oldbone|Ramble

    Oldbone|Ramble One of Freddy's beloved

    Best solution would be a Gorre server as the one GOA had when they tested NF, insta lvl50, free money, insta rr6, no ML's, free rog gear and all 3 realms aviable.

    That shouldnt be impossible for GOA or?
  16. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    Only real drawback with NF is that it favours casters/archers if played like Mythic intends us to play (i.e. large scale and siege), and that it is abit harder to build a pickup group since people are more spread out (svasud in NF isnt the focal point that old emain mtk was).
  17. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    YEs there is a game where you can start a game and be the same as everyone else and have quick and easy fun.

    Its called counterstrike.

    I spent at least a year in mp drops from certain mobs / galladoria i got a few artifacts but

    OLD FRONTIERS = yawn because for hibernians you spent 5 mins running to emain and 3 seconds releasing.

    It was alright for mid / alb you just waited 5 mins for port hibs were having to run for the fight every time.

    TOA is fine without it a lot more lvl 50's would have left the game because there was nothing else to do.

    A casual server wont be casual it will be filled with lvl 50's about 3 days after it goes live.
    and as for the gorre type insta lvl 50 insta rr6 insta equipment server, whats the fun in rolling a fotm char that you dont care if you delete it it wouldnt really do anything except ensure that those that are power gamers hit rr10 quicker i remmeber with the NF test there was a few rr8 people by the time it closed and i asure you will be moaning when the first rr10 people in full toa gear roll over you constantly in your chest rog gear.
  18. Jerjerod

    Jerjerod Fledgling Freddie

    Ive always thought that makeing it so that there are no boiling oil, windows or ramparts you can see over on keeps and towers would be a good idea, Just leave the doors there so theres a warning before someone takes your keep/tower (but dont make them very tough) and then have a normal fight that everyone can take part in when either the doors go down or the defenders feel they can take the attackers outside. Not great for roleplayers ('but why would anyone make a rampart you cant see over?') or bolt casters but it would make the game better IMO. :cheers:
  19. DavidH

    DavidH Part of the furniture

    As far as I know, Mythic has planned to released a brand new server type which is suppose to be "much better for casual players" or something like that.. So we can only hope that this new server type is one with just SI on. :) Found this news on camelotherald a little while ago though. So nothing about it on EU yet.
  20. Oldbone|Ramble

    Oldbone|Ramble One of Freddy's beloved

    Whats the fun?

    Well you dont need the time demending things like waiting for spawn, drop rate on items, getting high skill in crafting, lvling to 50 and lvl artis and so on, just insta action for those that like rvr.

    Plenty of people are leaving daoc couse if this, ppl are bored at the time they have to spend on regular servers on pve.

    People would be able to try out diffrent chars in diffrent realms, diffrent setups, everything more or less insta.

    Maybe even random battle areas limited to couple grps, insta action.

    More bind stones, more teleporters.

    Most ppl now dont want to bother xping again, and making new chars couse of ToA and ml's, sultution would be as it was on Gorre before, insta 50, and free gear/money.

    And about the ToA gear stuff, sulution= shut down ToA zone, there's no need for it since it would be an insta rvr server, everyone on same conditions, rog gear only or maybe crafter NPC's.

    And to avoid power gamers and huge realm rank diffrences GOA could wipe all chars end of each month, or something, they still need the server for testing patches.
  21. semanon

    semanon Fledgling Freddie

    Great idea...give give give.......
  22. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    Terrible idea..this is a mmorpg the whole idea is to build your char up till it can be the best it can be..if you want an insta death match game HL2DM is quite good.
  23. Oldbone|Ramble

    Oldbone|Ramble One of Freddy's beloved

    Most ppl already been doing it for 3 years, ppl are getting bored at it and leaving daoc, havent you noticed?
  24. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    DaoC now > DaoC old.

    Its true.

    If people are bored of current DaoC they would be even more bored by old DaoC.

    Trials of Atlantis and New Frontiers both had a lot of downsides when they were introduced, but Mythic has slowly made the changes needed. And aside from a little overpowered new classes, Catacombs seem like a great expansion - I have much better expectations for that than ToA / NF, because it will freshen PvE, and make it easier and funnier for people starting.
  25. Oldbone|Ramble

    Oldbone|Ramble One of Freddy's beloved

    rvr > pve

    Its true

    GOA could patch Gorre with new patches and new releases, new zones and so on.

    Doubt most ppl want new pve, or Ilum?^^
  26. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    pve is ez, doesnt take THAT much longer to fix a toon, and low rr toons are more viable now since the equipment plays a bigger factor.
  27. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    I remember when some FL / PE guys moved Hib/Exc in SI, they spent around 3 weeks xping up and getting their sc, playing pretty often. You dont have to spend that much more atm imo.
  28. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    Erm yes I have...but making the game insta death match is not the way to go.
  29. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    It was still quite some time after SI came out that Mythic properly fixed Dark SMs, I personally would miss this.

    I do miss the old layout of the Mid frontier, but I think thats just because I levelled so much there in the old days and it was by far my favourite frontier in terms of look and layout. The new way of frontier fighting is overall much better.

    The main problems with a 'classic' server is that you won't get any two people to exactly agree on the version that should be run, and you'd find that people would get bored with it since nothing would be able to ever change on it - they'd play a while then they'd miss the shiny new toys that their friends on the up to date servers have.

    Despite it having been raised before, this is still an interesting idea to think about but I don't really want to see it happen. I'd prefer a proper 3rd English server to something like this but with population as it is there's no way its going to happen.
  30. Fayle

    Fayle Fledgling Freddie

    I vote for a co-op server :)

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