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Jun 14, 2006
Hey guys, got a random one here.

My friend gave me her external to have a look at because the USB wasn't working, turns out the socket was broken from the board and only being held in place by the housing. I've plugged the drive in using the adapter from another external drive and while the computer is reading its existence, it's reading as unallocated and there should definitely be data on there. A couple of things:

1: The adapter is from an external that definitely had data on but was saying the same damn thing, however I didn't need the data so just deleted the volume and made a new one. Which obviously isn't an option here as I need the data intact.

2: I don't have any spare SATA ports and I don't dare unplug one of my drives because the last time I did that, I had to format and reinstall Windows before it would see it again.

Is there anything you guys can think of?


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Feb 17, 2004
Could always try making a USB bootable ubuntu OS : Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu and seeing if that is able to see any of the data.

I've had problems with external adapters that i used to read internal drives before. Had better luck with some over others. This works well but may be a bit expensive for what you want to do. No doubt they are cheaper ones, especially if you only want to read one type of drive. Worth trying what SilverHood said first anyway and the Ubuntu USB


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