Great Night!


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 19, 2005
nah tis ok masta u can take another Tuborg and relax


Dec 23, 2003
Belomar said:
Bracken - Brite, 1 - 0. Looks like Brite is up the proverbial creek with no paddle. :(

i went to the pub instead

and i have pizza


Can't get enough of FH
Mar 11, 2005
Danamyr said:
Sometimes I really wonder about people...:(

It's RvR, not 8v8. People can attack players from enemy Realms whenever they like FFS. If you don't like that then QQ back to CS :twak:

You know some people like to run in FG's and enjoy 8V8 fights? Most of the time they might lose but sometimes they win and it feels great.

Why can't they do that?

You know like?

It is really annoying even when your losing to see 24 Albs charging along and steam rolling into two groups fighting. This is not meant at low rr zerglings its meant at the 16+ high rr Albs (a lot of them from Excaliber?) who can't seem to be able to fight as full groups.

Most of those Albs have double the RR points and abilites that some of us have and we nonetheless continue to hold the faith that perhaps some of them some day will like maybe give it a go. Please? Just try it for a week and then tell us if they enjoyed it or not.

Zergs are fine but if that was all there was to this game there would be a lot less people playing it. You need to think about maybe just taking their perspective?

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