grats to hibs


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May 8, 2004
They seem to work pretty decent in FG's unlike some people say that they only work good 1v1, think Agron's group had a mauler yesterday that's already rr6+ kinda sick but quite a decent groupable char with the right spec indeed.
They also seem to have something that makes you unable to cast anything? atleast that's rather nasty and they have tons of interrupts if they manage to get close.
And their rr5 is godly.

they get a 500 range spell called silence which stops people from casting for a length of time dependant upon level (ranges from 2-6 secs iirc) there is also one for melee i believe.

many fg's on the US servers are simply not hitting the maulers and leaving them till last so they have no power for the fight.

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