Goblin Pest Control Inc (GPCI) - Order guild recruiting


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 3, 2008
GPCI is recruiting! Tired of finding out that unpleasant smell is a snotling stuck to the underside of your boot? Then help us clear them out!

Goblin Pest Control Inc is a casual, friendly, mature order guild on the European server Karak Azgal. Currently just short of guild rank 19, we have between 40 and 50 members and have no restrictions concerning class or level for those wishing to apply. We are also in an alliance with Enlightened, a fun guild similar to ours in its principles.

We love making premade groups for scenarios and ORvR, whatever the Tier (although mainly t3 and t4 at the mo), and many of us are up for PQs and questing in a party as well. We will respect your personal way of playing the game, so don't be afraid that you will be forced to commit lots of time doing things you don't want to - this isn't what GPCI is about; in fact it's the complete opposite. We simply think that the game can be more enjoyable (and rewarding) if you play it with a bunch of fun, like-minded people :)

We also have Vent - a mic is not required, you don't have to talk, but we encourage members to log in so as to be able to profit from the friendly banter. Furthermore, it's pretty useful to have Vent up for scenario/dungeon/ORvR runs, as it makes communication easier.

Come help us in the fight so we can kick some Destro a**!! :flame:

If you're interested in joining us, head over to our forums at Goblin Pest Control Inc and drop us an application. Please read the guild rules beforehand though.

Hellsend out :D

PS: Any smaller guilds who are looking into merging into a larger one are welcome to drop our Guild Leader, Light, a /tell ingame. Likewise for guilds looking for an alliance.

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