Discussion in 'Neocron' started by del_eneste, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest


  2. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest

    more spam +1
  3. doh_boy

    doh_boy Guest

    retarded cunt foad.
  4. Teh Krypt

    Teh Krypt Guest

  5. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest

    Oki.. *dies*
    actually i was actually seing if any1 plays this game.. so i made useless spam to see if any replyied..
  6. whipped

    whipped Guest

    Surely something along the lines of, "Does anyone play this game anymore?" would have been more useful than just "Spam"

    Something to think about in the future maybe?
  7. GDW

    GDW Guest

    Composition --- nil

  8. Ekydus

    Ekydus Guest

    Ahh. :(

    Poor ickle baby been waiting for someone to post in an ickle game forum?

    Fuck off you retarded cunt you don't know him and you should FOAD yourself. Please send pictures too you fucking moron.
  9. GDW

    GDW Guest

    Ahhh but who wants to know someone who opens an account and on one day spams almost 30 posts. Or maybe thats the kind of people you like to get on with.

    As for Doh boys comments , harsh yes, but deserved. I think your reply was probably one of the most hypocritical and childish posts Ive had the misfortune to read this week.:(

    Fer fuhsake catch yerself on ya fuggen goat ye...
  10. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Welcome to the mind of the Stereotype Dark Age of Camelot Excalibur Server Player.
  11. doh_boy

    doh_boy Guest

    heh all because I was nackered and hunger over (went for a game of footie in the park for the first time in years and then managed 8 beers before getting up for 7 the next day :s)

    nevermind eh? :p

    Seriously though it does annoy the hell out of me and since it was right next to a very sensible post by someone who actually wanted to know how popular the game was. Granted he said it was shite but hey he tried and got me interested anyway (up until he said the game was crap :) )
  12. GDW

    GDW Guest

    You do know Im getting at Ekydus dont you ? I didnt make it clear enough probably.

    I think your comment was harsh but fair:)
  13. doh_boy

    doh_boy Guest

    aye I know :D

    I thought I'd explain to them both since they were getting all angry about it. I could it getting out of hand otherwise. Which nobody wants.
  14. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest

    Where was I getting angry?
    I didnt cos someone telling me to foad is just stupid due to people take things to serious "oh look he spammed something!!!!!111oneoneone" must tell him to foad now thats retarded
    Also how can you call me retarded you dont know me irl do you? no. Would I want someone who takes things to serious to know me? no

    Ok mayb i got abit angry there but oh well :p
  15. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest

    And as for this... I had 30 posts in one day because most of them was things I wanted to say because my old account hasnt been working for a long time and I have only just managaed to make a new one recently
  16. GDW

    GDW Guest

    Yeh right:D
  17. del_eneste

    del_eneste Guest

    Yea my old account was solersor... i recovered my password and they said it was still wrong:help:
  18. GDW

    GDW Guest

    Maybe your old account was banned :p
  19. pcg79

    pcg79 Guest


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