For Xtro




/pretends he knows wtf that post is on about...

OK M4ST4H!!!!1111

err are you trying to convince me that I WONT get my arse kicked then? ;)

thanks a lot m8 hehe.


Just looking on Amazon, saw the Collectors Edition but er I can pass on the DVD with the "making of...". What really put me off was the user review - "I love the minotaur figure. I put it on the monitor and it says to me "Win this game or I'll axe your head off!"".

LOL get a grip you sad twat!

I'm sure I saw AoM bundled with AoE2 somewhere. Some fucker never returned my AoE2 cd...


Some common Aom terminology that I've learnt so far:-

TC = Town Centre
TA = Throwing Axeman
RC = Raiding Cavalry
Tox = Toxotes (greek archers)
FH = Fast Heroic (getting to 3rd age asap without building an army)
Rax = Barracks
Hips = Hippokons (greek cavalry)
HF = Hill Fort
CA = Chariot Archer
MU = Myth Units

Hey, I'm no expert. My rating is stuck at 1603 (you start at 1600) because ESO kicks me off 9 times out of 10 :/

Box sets are for people with no friends.

"My plastic minotaur is all the company I need !"


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