First film on Freddys! (me thinks)

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by GrivneKelmorian, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Lakih

    Lakih FH is my second home

    Nice movie... was fun to see you kite the pally, must have been very frustrating on the receving end :)
  2. Corran

    Corran Part of the furniture

    tbh the pally was stupid. one thing i never allow to happen on my merc is to be kited, chase the sb, if it stealths turn away and find somewhere to heal up then go back.
    Curiosity killed the cat? more like stupidity :)
    Shame that the videos only show the good points. Never the opposite end of jumping someone and then loosing battle due to how they fought you. But then people also just want to look good
    I know the truth about Dwera, remember the mmg hw when just hit 50? you buffed me unbuffed and i took down you and the savage that came along. That was a good fight that could of went either way, and the saviour being you 2 were low RR .
    Seems you improved since then. Been 5weeks since last fight 1vs1 as i was away, but one day your time will come again and i give you a little something to cut from your video :)

    And grivne old friend, not trying to be annoying here :p
  3. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    Well Corran, that pally, or the other people I kited...I play on that they will fall for the kite PA so I at some point waist all there RAs...Remember kiting one paladin that waisted IP, Purge and FH before i wen melee with him...To bad I was using my own bot so couldnt film it :(
    But thats the whole idea to let him waist RAs before even hit me. Im a coward some say..Smart I say, why give him a high chance of winning?

    Aye corran, that was a good fight (for you, i screwed up alot myself ;)) wish to have alot of fights with you soon. :)
  4. Asharith

    Asharith Loyal Freddie

    Downloading atm :) .. if it shows you running away 90% of the time then its a realistic movie :flame:
  5. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture


    its a nice movie. nice editing and strong paladin kite

    not very special battles. fun to watch
  6. Cerbie

    Cerbie One of Freddy's beloved

    Ooooh Grivne great movie and cool music that goes along with it. :cheers:
  7. OldNick

    OldNick Fledgling Freddie

    A hunter goes after PREY

    only religious people wait to pray

    Nicely shot film, nice music

    Worst case of afk killing and crossrealming i ever seen. Proves to me there is no honour in mid ( stlong whine)

  8. fungus

    fungus Fledgling Freddie

    bah since when am i UGLY ;-) anyway its puppethealer not pupepthealer ...

    nice video loved the pally action m8
  9. Tareregion

    Tareregion Fledgling Freddie

    :mad: any other host going for it?
  10. bigchief

    bigchief Fledgling Freddie

    Someone deleted the BW version of this :(

    /me thinks Dwera cant take criticism.
  11. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    Uppdated original post, so the link will go to the film.

    And to you bigchief...

    Why did you albs start flaming me then? Its you (the albs) foult and no one else that coused my movie thread beeing deleted.

    Talk about lack of respect for others.
  12. Corran

    Corran Part of the furniture

    Come on children, lets all play nice now and avoid being so bitchy to each other.
    Yes people not like how others play but it down to them.
    If you dont like it deal with them with actions in game instead of moaning here :)
  13. Asharith

    Asharith Loyal Freddie

    Hehe you wont get ANY respect from me the way you play :eek: .. and seeing that you deleted you post just supports the view i have of you .
  14. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    I ask of you all, please, dont make this thread close too.

    And by the way you play you wont get respect from anyone in there right mind imo.
    I dont want respect from the other realms, if i did, id join them.

    and why would you think i wanted to delete my own thread? It contained my film that I wanted ppl to see. Not my foult you albs came and whined and flamed on me.
  15. Tareregion

    Tareregion Fledgling Freddie

    at least u made a movie, that's something not all of us can say ;)
  16. mordia

    mordia Fledgling Freddie

    Not like anyone would want to be respected by a zergling noobiltrator :(
  17. Derric

    Derric Fledgling Freddie

    A lot of people wouldn't flame you if they weren't tired of your endless whining Grivne. :p
  18. Joxor

    Joxor Fledgling Freddie

    Someone who has a char called Drizzt doesnt get any respect from me either....
    Hope the char gets renamed to AlbZergling18of285750265
  19. DirtyKnacker

    DirtyKnacker Fledgling Freddie

    Rofl says the guy who got all his RP's from being Rambo and Constanze's stick bot. You are or atleast were in Deadly Shadows, that says it all really.

    And anyone flaming Grivne on this, so what if he runs away, you idiots are falling for it. Hes playing his class/spec the best way there is imo.
  20. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    find a real server imo .. can't download it
  21. bigchief

    bigchief Fledgling Freddie

    Had you bothered to read the original thread the whines were about the constant bollocks that an infil is so much better than a sb, that a sb cant win one v one without a PA, that an infil can tank a pure tank .. and so on.

    And board mods usually close threads, not delete them. Person who made the thread can still delete it though, so ...
  22. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    Did you read the original post at all? It contained a film, like the ones albs and hibs make too. But its a SB, showing some deaths, some stealth groups and that has opinions about the infil class, also has some facts behind it.

    I use to play a friends infil and with that and abit of knowlage i could tank a puretank yes.

    Now tell me...have you ever played a SB, that without PA, has beaten a buffed infil? If you havnt, dont bother to f*cking answer couse you just make a fool out of yourself.
  23. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    Open internet explorer -> tools -> internet options -> advanced -> check the box: Use Passiv FTP
  24. mordia

    mordia Fledgling Freddie

    Sadly its not bollocks, its a fact.
  25. Derric

    Derric Fledgling Freddie

    This thread looks like it could be as interesting and funny as the one on BW. ;o
  26. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    tbh asharith does most of her rp solo

    the lack of respect is for the fact you use flawed game mechanics to win (walking in to ppl to let them miss styles)
  27. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    using flawed game mechanics...right...isnt that about the same thing as the "strafe in combat" move too? That every other stealther seems to use.
    streight out bullshit. I dont care about what respect I got from the zergfiltrators, i dont care zit about them. The ppl i care about i also earn my respect from. From all of the 3 realms that is.

    you say asharith got most of her RP solo. Yep, that might be true since a conclusion is that most alb stealthers cant count.

    inf1 - hey, wanna form a duo?
    mincer1 - sure, just lemme get my partner
    inf1 - sure, since only you and i will be playing we are still a duo
    inf2 - hey mincer1, can i come too?
    mincer1 - sure, we are in a duo anyway so come along.

    inf1 - right, lets see what we got.
    inf1 - 1 minstrel and his friend, they are 1, plus me, then we got 2, plus inf2, good, then we are a duo, lets go guys.
    I hope you saw the sarcasm in what i just said but of what I know, I havnt been jumped 1 time by asharith solo. not 1 time, araudry or rambo or aoln or some minstrel or all together is always there with her.
    No wait, 1 time ive seen her solo. Was 1 time and she poped stealth on me so i ran. She ran other way.

    I later talked with her on irc saying she was recording a film or something like that...
    Then when I read Ashariths post in this thread, "If it shows that you run awya 90% of the times then it will be realistic"...
    When i read that i thought...i hope your movie will show that you are grouped 90% of the times then it will be realistic. I also hope that there wont be to many prearranged fights either...(since she asked me if i wanted to do a duel).

    Oh yeah, before some postcount horney jump me saying im a whiner, im just expresing my own opinion as i know i got the right to do.
  28. Asharith

    Asharith Loyal Freddie

    Yes and that is abusing the game flaws imo and i hope something will be done about it to stop these lamers . Fun to see you only care about the ppl who respect you , must be a real small world .
  29. inqy

    inqy One of Freddy's beloved

    rofl. I'd be very gutted not getting respect from Asharith. :D

    Solo in a grouped with 5 other infs kind of way ? NEVER once met him solo. :p Doubt I ever will.

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