FAO: Taco, clear this up pls!


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Previously posted by Taco:

5. Noheals. your post is really weak and pathetic, its not even worth the time perhaps next time you log onto DAOC you should look at whats running on YOUR PC before telling me that im lying.
6. Why did i use radar? simply because im tired of being run over by people that seem to have a mystic in their group that can see thru walls, know exactly where you are and are always the first to reply to posts like this with the kind of comments Noheals posted..

Yes i will post the movies and screens, but only when im sure theyve atleast done their investigataions, oh then ill expect an apology from you Noheals and ill also like to see your face when you see who it is.
oh and belive me, when you see it youll feel very stupid indeed


I did not get the chance to respond to your comments before the tread was closed. You have intimated that the cheat is me, and several people have assumed this in consequent posts to your last thread.

This is quite wrong that you let people believe it is me and I ask you to post here that I am not the subject of your last post in order that no further damage is done to my guild or myself...mud sticks!

Should I be proved to incorrect in my last post, which is yet to be seen, I will retract my statement but I cannot be blamed for defending my guild against unsupported, anonymous claims.

Yours still angrily,


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
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Think we seen him for the last time :p

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