Eve Online Any Good ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NeonBlue, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. NeonBlue

    NeonBlue Fledgling Freddie

    Has anyone played Eve Online?...whilst am waiting for some of the other fantasy MMporgs to come out...i thought this game might be worth a try

    So if anyone has played it...i would appreciate views..comments on it please....everything from playability...fun factor and any "gripes" ppl may have about it

    Thanks In Advance
  2. Shneddi

    Shneddi Fledgling Freddie

    from what i heard by m8s , reviews it seems wank. dont touch it.
    aint pld it thou :p
  3. NeonBlue

    NeonBlue Fledgling Freddie

    preferably replies from ppl who HAVE played it...and can give reason "for" & "against"

    skip the "its wank" replies coz my mates say so....am abit too old for that

  4. ABD

    ABD Fledgling Freddie

    played it for a few days when it came out, then gave up

    mine, mine, mine...wait...wait...wait...mine,minemineinieneineen ::put cd in microwave::

    got a few m8s who like it, tho only cos their in some major corperate pvp thing thats going on atm, dunno much about that

    i hated it anyway.
  5. NeonBlue

    NeonBlue Fledgling Freddie

    problem sorted....downloaded the free 14 day trial
  6. Deacan

    Deacan Fledgling Freddie

    Am sure EA said they will be canning Eve Online some time this year.
  7. Mishy

    Mishy One of Freddy's beloved

    downloaded the trial myself last week, if you like watching the ship do everything while you click some buttons, and you like waiting days and weeks to gain new abilities then this game is for you!

    To mine you warp to an asteroid, click it, click ya miner, wait 10mins, warp back to station and repeat.

    Missions mostly consist of travelling across the galaxy to pickup some thing or deliver something. When you do get a combat mission, they arent any more interesting, find the pirate, click your laser cannons, wait, watch and hope for the best.

    I personally didnt find enough action in the game, although i can only give a noobs prospective of the game, i do hear its "more" interesting at the end game as its all mostly PvP.... its just trying to stick the game out that long :)
  8. Ssera

    Ssera Fledgling Freddie

    Why people think you have to mine in this game is beyond me... you don't. Go blast away some pirates that hang around lowish security level asteroid fields, you get a small bounty reward for each pirate you kill (obviously this goes up the harder they get) but most importantly you get to salvage their ships. Most items you get you can sell straight away in any of the big stations, stuff that you can't sell you can salvage and sell the raw materials. Of course don't forget you can also use the items in your own ships if you have the correct skills (which you can buy).

    As far as the missions go: yes at first they tend to suck and are mostly delivery type missions you can afk at but once you get good friends with your contact (a la CoH) he'll start giving you more interesting stuff like interception missions, assassinations etc. There's a whole faction system in place in the game too which influences quite a lot in the game especially the type of ships you're allowed to fly.

    I really liked the system where your skills train up offline in "real life time" (so you first skills take 10 mins to learn but Battleships V takes 30 odd days) as it means you don't absolutely have to play all the time to become competitive. Of course to get competitive you need cash which is where the corporations come into play (guilds). When I joined my first one I got given a huge lump sum of money, a new cruiser with all the options I wanted and a mission to defend our mining ships. Spent a few evening guarding our huge mining operations against incoming pirates, escorting the transport ships that were bringing back the ore to our HQ. Really did feel like being part of a team, moreso I'd say than a guild or group in daoc.

    Well I could go on for ages about my thoughts on eve but to sum up: it's definately targetted at a select audience which isn't really the same one as daoc is targetted at. The graphics are extremely pretty and for once in a space game the universe is actually huge. There's always something new to see and explore along with a very well written background.

    Definately give it a try and don't get caught up in the mindless mining trap that everyone seems to fall into. Get a half decent ship (the Condor - Caldari ship, is very cheap and performs brilliantly at lower levels) and get out and explore. Obviously don't head for 0.0 zone but you should start finding low level pirates to blast in the asteroid fields in 0.6ish systems.

    Hope that helps, feel free to pick my brain in a pm if you want more details :)
  9. Ssera

    Ssera Fledgling Freddie

    yeah that's pretty true though the pve endgame does also get quite interesting especially when you start influencing the whole plot line. Battles also get a lot more interesting as it's not you against one or two little pirate ships but you against a couple of battleships with their escort fleet. It becomes far more stressful to handle 10 targets at the same time while avoiding all the c**p they throw at you ;)
  10. Jaem-

    Jaem- Can't get enough of FH

    I think Eve was one of those all hype games, like SW:G etc, many went to it many left.

    I personly found it boring after the 1st few hours of trying, but I guess I find sci fi boring.
  11. [TB] Benedictine

    [TB] Benedictine Fledgling Freddie

    Tried it too - probably the most boring mmorpg Ive played. Mining was monotonous, travel equally dull and time consuming. Then world is huge so if you have a friend in one system and want to meet up, it can take you half an hour to get there. Combat was ....you guessed it dull.
    Add to that the fact that everybody macroes everything and you may as well watch cricket.
  12. Graknak

    Graknak Fledgling Freddie

    played beta, looked great, controls where easy, fighting wasn't that hard, but the fact that mining was the only way to get money fast and it usually took ages says enuff, bit like dia seal farming but with no named like highlords or legion to kill, just mindless bashing/mining.
  13. NeonBlue

    NeonBlue Fledgling Freddie

    well so far...am loving it...makes a nice change not to have to worry too much about being competitive...or falling behind....i love the skill system think its sensible and realistic.

    Hmmm seems from those who replied they havent got past or tried anything else except mining...

    except Ssera who bascially confirmed what id been told ingame from ppl, who were btw very helpful...seems things certainly do get interesting after uve "lvl'ed" abit and get more missions behind you

    For now till i got to grips with the basics am doing mining just to get some money behind me...then will head out and do a load of missions when am combat ready

    Anyways thanks for the replies ...just glad i downloaded and tried it before i saw all the replies otherwise i would of probably skipped it.

    Ssera thanks may do that sometime
  14. kain

    kain Fledgling Freddie

    I played it for a few months, it's a pretty open ended game... You can take many paths to the games goal of being as filthy rich as you can.

    Long as you don't mind getting blasted to bits at any moment and losing a lot.

    But it wasn't for me, can be a little bit too much like a job.

    But it soooooo smacks down DAoC in it's complexity, makes daoc look like pac man.
  15. Oro

    Oro Fledgling Freddie

    I've played Eve Online from day 1 of release and still play. Its always been a very casual thing for me but I still enjoy it.

    Eve is serious eye candy, and can be a lot of fun. It is not a quick adrenalin rush type game and was never intended to be.

    You can get straight into a fight right out of the box if you like, especially as agent missions have been improved and balanced much better since release.

    A particularly nice thing is you can train skills while offline, out of game.

    Eve is well worth trying out with the free download, it might not be for you if you're after hot action straight away - it will be a little while before you can take on other players but no problem hitting NPC pirates (or rats as they are commonly called) almost from the start :)

    There is a huge playerbase online all the time as unlike other online games there is only one persistant world.

    No argument though, the core of Eve is the player market system. Nearly everything you buy in game is player-made and if you don't like haggl..., er, negotiating with other players you probably won't get very far ;)

    If you don't have patience, Eve isn't the game for you.

    Hope this helps :)
  16. Rulke

    Rulke Can't get enough of FH

    Roo is the salvage king ^^

    Mostly agree with what others said about the PvE, tedious after a very short while.

    PvP can be fun, but back when I played (around when the 1st battleships were bought) PvP was stupidly buggy and annoying. Basically the only way to kill another player was to kill their ship after they LDed... which happened a lot.

    Then it was back to weeks and months farming to get a new ship, bit like losing your level 10 artifacts every time you die in emain.
  17. pixie.pebr

    pixie.pebr Fledgling Freddie

    EA will scrap Earth and Beyond.
    CCP is the company behind EvE.
    CCP is working with EA to get as many players as poss from E&B to go over to EvE.
  18. Oro

    Oro Fledgling Freddie

    Eve has over 7k people online every evening, and sometimes makes it above 10k.

    Consider that this is all happening in a single persistant world and its quite impressive, even though they are not without their server issues at times.

    Eve is not going away any time soon.

    The Shiva expansion is scheduled for autumn, which looks really good from the details gleaned so far with lots of new ways to get killed etc :D
  19. NeonBlue

    NeonBlue Fledgling Freddie

    im not the most patient of ppl...but so far Eve has impressed me..with its complexity but yet in other areas like mining which is pretty simple for now...suppose that will change when i hit the less secure areas

    Plus the support seems really good for the game...both ingame and online (website)...alot of helpful ppl and guides about....was also impressed how they take the server down for an hour everyday for maintanence

    After playing Daoc for nearly 3yrs...certainly is a refreshing change..and something i can do at my own pace and not feel pressured to "compete"

    As for long term playability i cant comment on that now...but i certainly wont give up until ive at least tried the PvP side of things and then see how things go

    Thanks again for all ur comments..replies much appreciated :D

    (gotta rush got aload of mining to do :p )
  20. Esoteric

    Esoteric Fledgling Freddie

  21. Deacan

    Deacan Fledgling Freddie

    Thats the one.
  22. VivaLaDan

    VivaLaDan Fledgling Freddie

    I played it myself about a year ago, or played the free trial that i got when i bought my copy anyway. Never did get into it but to be honest i never really gave it a chance. Was too busy with DAoC to give it some real effort.
  23. spook

    spook Fledgling Freddie

    Played beta, and later opened an account to see how it was. Kept it up for about a month after which I started to find it a bit repetitive even though staying off mining, and mainly flying missions while trying to kick up money to get my cruiser license.

    Problem with spaceflying mmo's (IMO!) like EVE and E&B is that you rarely "meet" people like you do in SWG, Daoc and all those games where you run around and actually meet/see people.

    Of course, you have chatchannels just as in daoc, I just didn't find myself just as enclined to contact people as in daoc. Never found myself grouped throughout the month I played EVE in retail, possibly because I didn't know anyone there at all.

    EVE is, as formerly posted great eyecandy, and it definately has great stuff in it. I, personally, just find the daoc type MMO's more of my taste.

    Would probably take it up again if I found someone to play it with :)
  24. Lau Cusa

    Lau Cusa Fledgling Freddie

    TBH I played it for six months and I found I was bored to tears. It is supposed to be the new Elite - it certainly isn't.

    While the trading system and the stock market is good, combat sucks. You can't "Fly" your ship, you just lock on target and fire away repetatively. There's no actual ship piloting.

    The game is based aroud ship design and PVP. If you don't get off configuring your ship, you'll hate the game. "Jammers" are the weapons of choice -i.e. the jam your ship and stop it from warping to the next region - so needless to say you have people who sit at gates waiting for you to portal in, jam you and Kill you. Mining sucks as well and as previous people advised don't go down that road unless you are seriously braindead.

    Missions are either deliver this/kill that/go to there pick up this and drop it off somewhere else. They get boring real soon.

    There are no real quests in the game, soloable or otherwise. Certain parts of "Interesting" space are "No-go areas" as people own them and kill you upon entry, the language of a lot of the space "Captains" is childish at best and the game quickly deteriorates into a PVP free for all - the biggest or most powerful ships usally wins. Wait till you have been podded a few times in a row too - despite insurance - to see what "real" frustration is - continually buying ships and equipping them only to be destroyed again and restart the whole process.

    I also found CCP's lack of information re the game appauling. Btw if you have bad eyes don't play the game - most game text is 8point at worst 10 point at best.

    There are good points - corp comeradery, the graphics, selling stuff on the market - but the negatives way outweigh the positives - for me that is. I shall be selling or dropping my accout very soon. The laugh is I log on every now and then and up date my skills - coz they are done in real time - and I have quite a highly skilled guy even though I don't play the game. Oh yeah - and you can only train one character in the game at a time - i.e. you have 3 characters, only 1 can be trained :(

    My 2p - avoid at all costs
  25. old.Osy

    old.Osy No longer scrounging, still a bastard.

    Umm, where should I start.

    EvE is at the moment, the most advanced mmo there is, partly because there is only one server formed of numerous clusters (read, multiple pcs linked), and partly because the players make the game.

    How do players make the game ? Well for one, we have the market. The market system in EvE is player driven, with a complex array of options. It generates tables with data on the price, location, quantity... you can escrow items, you can create courier missions to transport your stuff with the help of other players, and much, much more. The economy in this game resembles reality.

    Secondly, resources. Someone said that all eve is about is mining. Boy he's wrong. The game aint in beta phase anymore, when you couldnt pvp because of the bad code. You mine IF YOU WANT TO, and if you dont, you can still have LOADS of fun, doing missions, pvp, npc hunting for rare items, and so on. Mining is there to sustain this fun, although it aint necessary.


    You can't experience EvE by yourself. You will need a corporation, as this game revolves around them. You can't excel in all aspects of the game, so you will need a corp behind you, to sustain you either financially or with muscle. The map in EvE is HUGE, and more and more corporation alliances claim a bit of space for their own endeavours, effectively denying access to others. This leads to wars for territory, which are fun fun fun.


    So, you want to go Yarr! and ransome some innocent miners or travelers ? This is the game for you ! This is surely a path that will yield hours and hours of fun for yourself, but be warned, more and more corps declare openly on pirates and their kind. You'll have fun, but you'll have to watch your back.
    Join a pirate corporation, learn the tricks of the trade, and prosper along with your parrot and wooden leg :)

    PvP is a strong component in this game. If you are light hearted, and you can't stand getting shot at, maybe you shouldnt play this game. Still, you can always shoot back :) Or you could stay in secure space systems until you consider yourself ready to step into the wildlands. Whatever you do, try and find the right corporation for your playing style. They will help you up on your feet, expecting nothing else but the same dedication in return.

    Rant over for now, if you need more info say so :)
  26. Peaches

    Peaches Loyal Freddie

    Played Beta and a few months release with the original cutting edge members from daoc.But i found the combat pretty poor,at the time it was mostly two huge fleets flying from one station to another(anyone who played the game early on will remember all the station camping) and when u did get into a fight it was like a slideshow.But this was a few months ago and i hear the lag etc has been reduced a lot.
  27. Aran Thule

    Aran Thule Fledgling Freddie

    I will keep it brief.

    Played in beta and for a few months after, first thing you notice about it is that the graphics are very nice.

    Really enjoyed it at first, being able to make my own stuff, barter and trade and train offline.
    But then it started getting to a stage where i couldnt act as an independent trader, and trying to balace between Eve and running a Guild in DAoC ment i couldnt keep up so if slowly became a chore rather then fun.

    Not sure if they have changed it, you can buy insurance and clones to lessen the loss but all it takes is a lag spike or some 'pirate' to knock you back weeks of hard work.
    As someone said, imagine spending X amount on an artifact and then training it to lev ten, then having someone greyganking you and it being destroyed.

    Games like this rely on trust and i saw so many cases of people getting done over.
    Good luck if you want to try it.
  28. Oro

    Oro Fledgling Freddie

    Eve official forums are not unbiased Toh. Eve-unfriendly posts have a habit of disappearing faster than a class that just became non-fotm.

    To be fair though, this thread is kinda off topic.
  29. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    True, true. But my opinion about EVE goes with the most said on the boards. So instead of writing it all again, i clicketied(it's a word!) it.

    Not playing anymore, but enjoyed it when i did. Almost like :sex: , needs no :cheers: to "log in", but a few :drink: make it a whole lot funner.

    Without the day after :puke: ofcourse.

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