News Euromillions £112 million next week!

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by cHodAX, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    They want to be famous too. Understandable reason and understandable logic don't often go hand in hand.
  2. megadave

    megadave I am a FH squatter

    There was an article about someone who went public saying they were bombarded with letters asking for money, people turning up at their house asking for help, distant relatives and friends crawling out the woodwork, friends treating them differently, big security threats meaning tens of thousands spent on security. No idea why you would go public tbh.
  3. Ormorof

    Ormorof FH is my second home

    i wouldnt go public, but if the media wants to find out then they will as someone will talk - a friend that didnt get a big enough share of the pie or something :/
  4. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Its insanely stupid but:

    This. You're not going to be able to keep a really big win secret unless you're prepared to get drastic by moving to another country or something. As for security, that would be an inevitable part of having €190m in the bank. I wouldn't give a fuck about the begging letters, and I have a strict (and small) number of people I'd give money to (although they'd get quite a bit). Friends who don't like it, fuck 'em. My biggest problem would be some of the missus' second cousins and uncles are properly dodgy (gangster level dodgy); dealing with them would be...interesting.

    Its true that people think lottery winners are some kind of charity though; a friend of my missus won a few years ago. It was "only" half a million (punts at the time), but she had to deal with lots of jealousy and really aggressive begging (for want of a better word), and some of it from family members and people she'd thought were good friends.
  5. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    I wouldn't tell anyone for a few months, probably not even my mum. Would pretend I was working away and use the time to flesh my plan out, put the basics into place and get somewhere private/safe setup to live. As soon as I told people in my family I would be off on my travels for at least 6 months and wouldn't let anyone pin me down to a return date. Really it is just a case of making yourself hard to track by moving around and enjoying your money for a while, the papers will fuckoff if someone has sold them a story and you would have a good idea who did it anyway. If in doubt, bung the journo £50,000 cash to give you the name and then just banish them from your life, zero contact or confirmation that you know it was them.
  6. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    As said before; tell NOONE. Not even your wife, family, pet hamster.

    No way your bank account is going to get checked by the media and then you just lay low for 6 months and, oops, no one cares anymore.

    Hell, make up a stroy that you got a job from a las vegas game company to your family and go there for a while :p
  7. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Funnily enough my Mum said pretty much the same thing. I spoke to her on Sunday and joked about her being the British winner and she said none of us would know if she'd won until after a few weeks when the flight tickets turned up with a message to "pack a bag and by the way you never need to work again".
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  8. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Good idea, with over a 100 mil you could build a real Freddyshouse to the bahamas.
  9. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    Your mum is a smart lady! ;)
  10. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    Buying my own island to get away from you fuckers! :D
  11. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    They aren't that far from me, done some work in Haverhill before..maybe they owe me for sorting out some shit for them!? How much should I ask for?
  12. Lamp

    Lamp I am a FH squatter

    Next Jackpot: £20,000,000
  13. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    Not sure that's worth spending £2 on really. Only 20 million? PFFT!

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