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System specs: basically I have a p4 2.53 Ghz, a asus p4s8x mobo, 2 x 512mb ddr pc 2700 ram, radeon 9600 128mb and a nvidia ti 4200 64mb (have to decide which is goin in new system and older system) and a creative audigy 2 platinum, a toshiba 8x dvdrom, a sony dru-510a dvd/rw and a pinnacle studio deluxe board and I have 2 80 gb ata/133 7200 rpm drives. I want to run a raid array on for the current systems.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to run the raid array. With the p4s8x it supports raid only with 1 ata 133 and 1 serial or 2 or more serials. would it be worth gettin a sata drive or is there some good cheap raid controller cards out there. Or they have sata to pata converters anyone know anything about those. I heard asus's other than bein hard to finsd is easily broken so I dont want that.

And I have quick question about monitor set up.... Im usin dual monitor right now on the radeon 9600 which is great for video editing. But I have a video monitor that is above these two monitors and was wonderin if there is a way I can set it up for premiere pro to preview on the video monitor. :touch:

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