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Jun 14, 2006
I've got a friend who's just started a business and he needs some database software. I know next to nothing about that so I'm asking you guys for recommendations. It needs to be able to:

Collate customer data.

Be searchable by name/telephone number etc

Allow you to add notes and book/change appointments

Not have it all on one page like the spreadsheets they're using right now.

Ta muchly.


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Dec 23, 2003
Not having experience of anything else, I'd knock up an Access database. I made a pretty nifty one a couple of years ago for keeping track of stock in a friend's tile warehouse.


I am a FH squatter
Dec 23, 2003
Oracle xe. But I would say that I work for them.

MySQL. Also free.

Any database can be made to do what you ask. It's a case of programming a front end for it. Which xe already kinda comes with and I think it's free.


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Jan 23, 2004
If they're willing to go down the subscription route, I'd say go for Dynamics CRM 2013 Online and then use the out of the box functionality for this. Or SalesForce (But as I work with DCRM I'd say Dynamics) - Both offer 30 day trials etc.

If you want to go on-prem and have the server/desktop space laying around then what both @Deebs and @Moriath have said. MySQL with necessary plugins. There are other options available, but these are probably the better ones. Loads of downloadable customer management tools available to use etc.

All down to budget and space honestly.

Cheeky edit:
I'll do the customisation work for half price if you go down the CRM route ;)


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Dec 22, 2003
MSSQL 2012 express with advanced services
And Spendid CRM

For that you get a Customer relations manager, individual logins per user (handy with growth) and SQL server reporting services. So you can write reports based on the data in the DB.

Total cost = £0
But is MS, So you might want to dedicate a box to run it all.

*10 gig limit on DB's in express. resource hungry. It will grab what it can.

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