Da Meanest An' Greenest [Recruitment]


Fledgling Freddie
Jun 22, 2008
About Us:

Da Meanest An' Greenest guild are recruiting! Our guild takes part in RvR and PvE activly and so far we've succesfully managed to kill many keep lords and claim a keep for ourself's. We have also cleared out most of Mount Gunbad and we activly run PQ warband's.

The guild itself consists of 80+ active members, level's ranging from 10-30+.
The guild has achieved guild rank 14.

We are also the founding guild of the alliance Legion of Destruction.

Guilds currently a part of this are:

Eye of INI / Divine Retribution

(If your guild is looking to be part of a powerful alliance and you feel your guild would contribute to our alliance send me a /tell ingame)

We have a 50 man ventrilo server + a website:
Da Meanest an' Greenest Home - GuildPortal Guild Hosting


We are not a strict guild but we do ask that you behave yourself and treat other players with respect whilst you are a part of the guild.

Some Background:

Da Meanest An' Greenest was started by my myself, my brother and a couple of close friends. We have all experienced running successful guilds in the past on MMO's such as WoW, AoC & LOTRO. We have always believed that our main aim should be to provide a fun and active atmosphere so that our members can get the most out of the game and above all else enjoy the game.

Contacting Us:

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, send a /tell or mail to either myself (Gorzgat) or my Brother (Cronos). You could also leave a message here or on the forums.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and i hope to hear from you soon.

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