Discussion in 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Enemy Territory' started by Pakman, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. dysfunction

    dysfunction Guest

    You have the highest number of deaths Ive ever seen! :D
  2. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    I was on the preview server about half 9 last night. I had a couple of games as an Axis Fops, don't usually play Axis so was looking for an opportunity to swap sides. About 5 mins later the Allies were a man down, so I swapped sides as an Allied Engy. I completely forgot I had become an Allie and opened up on this poor chap who hit F1 after I had apologised! If that player (can't remeber his name now) sees this post then, again, I'm sorry but I don't think hitting F1 was justified, seeing as I had apologised.
  3. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    It often depends on what level that playstyle that person is, a new player hits the F1 faster. Hehe yeah had that too switched and tried to kill my own teammates well untill I saw that their names were displayed :eek:
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    I got sick of getting TKed and that box popping up...I've just disabled it in the menus now. I'm too kind.
  5. Jonny_Darko

    Jonny_Darko Guest

    My finger tends to hover over the button until I hear a "sorry". And I always apologise myself as well.

    You can tell when it's an accident and when it was on purpose, usually anyway. It's a horrible feeling when you accidentally kill someone and they file a complaint though.

    The other day I had someone run towards an airstrike canister I'd blatently thrown, get blown up, and blame me!
  6. Will

    Will Guest

    Well, last night I re-enabled the button. The entire Allied team consisted of people who were either AFK, TKing, or XP hogging. I got all bitter and started sending complaints.

    And I've never got so many TKs with my mines, ever. There is a flag there, you know.
  7. Xage

    Xage Guest

    I was on another server last day, it was filled with newbies, everytime i got killed was by TeamKill i didnt get killed often by the enemy team, after ten minues i hadnt complained once, then 1 of my team got accidentially TKed by me....he complained, i got pissed of and left the server :p
  8. Pakman

    Pakman Guest

    Serves you right for straying :twak:
  9. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Well you should complain, then they might realise what they've done ? ;)
  10. Xage

    Xage Guest

    well telling them didnt work

    telling them again didnt work

    spamming with capslock on didnt work...

    i doubt they would even understand what acomplaint would mean :\
  11. Or if i kill you even by accident :(
  12. Deady

    Deady Guest

  13. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    Was on the preview last night. There was some shit running around tk'ing peeps. Can't remember his name but I hit F1!

    Here is my reason - I had just respawned and someone shot me in the back, so I stopped, turned around and stood still. He came running up to me and emptied the contents of his magazine into me! I thought about not complaining but why? why should he get away with it! Fuck him I thought and hit F1.

    Another time I had just repaired the tank and jumped ontop behing the machine gun, someone came running up behind me and tk'ed me just so they could be on the tank! I mean how stupid is that!

    I'm really loosing my patience with tk'ers and doubt very much I'll play in the preview server very much anymore, it's getting worse in there!
  14. Pakman

    Pakman Guest

    I was there and he was annoying, very strange behaviour every spawn he would shoot someone in the back then carry on as a normal, was in the process of kicking him when someone called a vote and he was got rid of that way. He rejoined a couple of times but each time the players beat me to it :D
  15. Without sounding harsh.. if you use gay as some way of expressing disgust then you deserve everything you got.

    Oh and i was playing with RAA last night for a fair while and never there were no problems. Just like usual.

    On the whole i find the majority of people are very forgiving and won't complain the first few times if it is an accident, it's the "1337" Deathmatches who think the point of the game is just to duel. If you kill one f them by accident the abuse and complaining that enusres is quite something. I am the one who "Made me get a shit score" by tking them once.

    Anyway.... Deady deserves a ban just for betraying me. :eek:
  16. Will

    Will Guest

    Its not just the preview servers that suffer the tking, non-objective doing nonsense. At least I've never seen someone flaming spawn on there.

    Though I really think the 10 map campaign should be removed. Try doing coastal battery when the Axis have 3 Field Ops with level 4 signals spamming the beach.
  17. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    3 F1's and you're kicked ? Or is it 5 ?
    Anyway, as I have mantained all along, a couple of F1's and no more problem. ;)
  18. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    Yes and no the trick is to have a few good people sniping the fieldops asses off, but it is nearly impossible to do.
    Though on the other hand battery is an easy map for the axis anyways :) I usually go engineer and take the lower machinegun, normally ending up with 4 stars for heavy weapons and none for enginering.

    I have only once seen 1 person giving others a tw (well he did it to me) it is very annoying, but often that person gets kicked very easy. So all in all ET is very enjoyable for me and less flamming then EF.
  19. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    I apologise if I offended you Deadmanwalking! I retract what I said and insert 'stupid'!

    Sorry :)
  20. Xage

    Xage Guest

    i thought gay meant happy :p
  21. Will

    Will Guest

    I found that if I set my mobile MG42 up on the beach, I could discourage the spamming, but then no one would build the assault ramp. You just can't win sometimes.;)
  22. Yes you can, allied fieldops with a nice stream of arty/airstrike spam makes the germans leg it like deady is after them with a whisk.
  23. amazingsteve

    amazingsteve Guest

    I usually play Cov Ops so i get shot alot at by my team mates. And as a result of that, I get "TKed" alot. I only press F1 when it´s just too obvious the idiot has no brains. Like i start with full health and he keeps shooting me until i´m dead. I don´t mind a few hits, it´s a reflex but if u empty an entire clip of ammo on me, Ur gonna get a complaint:)
  24. dysfunction

    dysfunction Guest

    I was playing ET last night and I had placed a few mines near a water pump.

    Then this idiotic noob in my team jumps on them. So I place another lot. He jumps on them again.

    So I place another lot and stand near them. He then arrives back there so I select my knife and try and scare him away. I also sent a message saying keep away from the mines.

    He then shot and killed me!!

    He got an F1 straight away!!
  25. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    Yeah but did he complain when he was blown up by your mines :p
  26. Will

    Will Guest

    Maybe we could punish people who misbehave?

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