Close Call


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
I bow down to the greatness that is Norton Ghost for saving my puny techie bottom.

I tried to do a Windows XP re-install/repair to solve a problem and it buggered up, but thankfully I had saved the partition using Ghost and managed to restore it again :)

I did a Windows Re-install some time back when I upgraded the motherboard, it worked fine and took about 45 minutes total, this time it was a straight "upgrade" and it paused at around 35 minutes. I reset and it took up from where it left off, got further and paused again, the next reset buggered it up completely.

I was thinking of doing it again, this time removing all the unnecessary devices, like my USB 2.0 card, WinTV card and Modem card.

Any tips, share your experiences.

Still got my problem though :(

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