Catacombs pre-ordered :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Job, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Job

    Job TWAT and FH Object of Ridicule

    Of course 'PRE' is a totally meaningless word.
    How can you pre-order something?
    It's either ordered or it isn't.
    What did I order it before I ordered it?

    There's only two states that can exist
    Me NOT having ordered it...or
    Me HAVING ordered it.
  2. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    very distinct differences between pre-ordering something and ordering something ...

    when you order something you expect it to arrive after a couple of days ... when you pre-order something you expect it to arrive a couple of days after it was released.
  3. LawBringer

    LawBringer Fledgling Freddie

    I have also 'pre-ordered' Catacombs, although the release date shown on Amazon UK is 15 April - obviously GoA not quite got the message across :) of their intended release date.

    I think the use of Pre - in the terms of pre-ordering something is incorrect English though, but the word Pre as a prefix to mean 'before' is OK - but 1st poster is right you cannot pre-order and item - you either order it or you don't :)

    Previous poster is making a presumptious comment :) based on the accepted current meaning of the word :)
  4. Zenythe

    Zenythe [GOA] English Servers GM

    Pre, meaning before and in this case meaning before release. And we are working on getting the release dates sorted with everyone, our distributors in their infinite wisdom decided that March was to busy a month to release in and took it upon themselves to move it into April. The marketing department has been on the phone the past three days trying to get everything sorted.
  5. Svartmetall

    Svartmetall Great Unclean One

    Of course there is only one way to check.

    Take a box. In the box you place a copy of Catacombs, a single radioactive atom, and a detector which will destroy the copy of Catacombs if it detects that the particle has decayed. Seal the box. Does the copy of Catacombs still exist or not? The only way to find out is to open the box, and collapse its quantum wave-state by observing whether the copy has been destroyed or not.

    This is known as the quantum theory of Schrodinger's Catacombs.

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  6. Job

    Job TWAT and FH Object of Ridicule

    An interesting theory
    But I don't see what the fook it has to do with the price of hammocks.
  7. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    well, the number of copies of catacombs sold (which depends on whether they get annihilated or not within the box of course, as you can't sell annihilated copies) will directly affect both the profits of Mythic and GOA, which will also affect any bonus or incentive schemes which they employ as well as the long term ability of those companies to pay their employees. The variation in payout or lack of payout of these hypothetical bonuses or simply the reassurance that the jobs aren't going anywhere soon will have an effect on how much their employees splash out on their holidays. Whether it's a week at home with a copy of dark age of camelot or a week in the sun swinging on a hammock in the tropics could well be in the balance.

    Obviously if more employees of Mythic/GOA are taking the tropical option involving hammock, the demand for high quality hammocks will increase thus increasing the price of hammocks.
  8. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    So what you're saying Flim is that I should get stocks in a hammock factory?
  9. Hansmoleman

    Hansmoleman Fledgling Freddie

    thats what i got the jist as
  10. gervaise

    gervaise Fledgling Freddie

    Will this form part of the next state of the game address?
  11. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    In game we just say "gifv game pls kthx!". Its too early in the morning for all this thinking shit.
  12. Bloodhunter

    Bloodhunter Banned


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