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Dec 24, 2003
Hi all -

Anybody have a cabby lvling guide for non-si clients ?(classic only) from levels 1-50, or well 1-47 then i can do pygmy's !


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Dec 22, 2003
I took this from a post on seems to be all classic DAOC and DF.

1-20: Kill tasks, they are given from named guards. You can do kill tasks up to 8 bubbles of your experience bar. The remaining experience must be fought for.

1: Blues near Lethantis, Cotswold, or Ludlow at this level just kill anything that cons blue.

2: Fragile skeletons standing outside of Prydwen keep.

3: At this level go to regular skeletons or spriggarns. There is a spawn of them near the farm in Camelot hills as well as one near the river by Camelot itself.

4: I suggest doing kill tasks, you will get over a bubble of experience. Check the guards around the front of Camelot (especially the one in the tower to the left of the road). Also Decayed Zombies are good here.

5: Mobs outside of Prydwen Keep, towards the bridge. Blue-con Bears, wolves, and yellow snakes are your meat and potatoes this level.

5-8: Goblins and spiders west/southwest of the tower on the path to Snowdonia Station

6: Undead Filidhs outside the Tomb of Mithra or on the hill directly south of it. As well as mobs outside of the Tomb of Mithra, these include emerald snakes, young boars, bandits, and spirits. (ranging from blue – orange). –note: Can also do these when they are green if you are a matter cab by sending in a damage shielded pet to rip around.

7-11: Around Snowdonia Station ending with pulls from the cemetery.

7-11: Inside the Tomb of Mithra

8-10: Boulderlings. There is a camp of them on either side of the Prydwen Keep bridge.

8-10: River Racers near the river that goes under the Prydwen Keep bridge. They are un-aggressive, and there are a lot of them around.

8-20: Salisbury Plains. A very good zone for these levels. Grove nymphs are your friend, but tomb raiders, various forms of basilisks (pseudo, normal, and aged), varying levels of boars, giants, and filidhs can take you to 20 easily.

9-14: *PVP SERVER* Primroses in Hibernia are about 11-13. Good loot about 3 silver each time, and magic items are very good here. They are non-aggressive and there is a fast spawning 3-spawn that is easily shared.

9-19: Various Grove Nymph Camps throughout the plains. Grove Nymphs are a very good choice for these levels. They drop caster-oriented gear, drop decent loot, and have very little HP. These are easy targets for a caster.

10: Dragon ant workers and soldiers in Camelot Hills

10-12: Frog camps in Avalon Marsh

11-12: Will-o-Wisps and Marsh Worms in Avalon Marsh

14: Giant Water Leapers left of the bridge in Avalon Marsh

14-16: *PVP SERVER* Empyrean Wisps

15/16: Spriggarn Waylayers near south Salisbury Plains Tower

15/16: Quicksands in Avalon Marsh

15-18: Wolves in Avalon marsh

17/18: Ghoul camps in the NW of Avalon Marsh are good camps. Later levels you can tackle the 3-4 spawn camps with focus damage shield and AOE DOT. –note Caer Witrin has a cabalist trainer

18-22: Skeletal Centurions on the path to the Roman House in Cornwall, move on to Bears and Muryans.

18-22: Tepok’s Mine, but pickings are slim and agro is a bit hairy here.

19-25: Keltoi Fogue, a very good dungeon for these levels. You can solo much of the opening room and such then work your way down. Loot here is for all classes, so look out for the caster loot and snatch it up!

20-21: *FRONTIER ZONE*AForest Sauvage. Mostly Hill giants, but some trees as well.

20-22: Boulders in Snowdonia Border Keep

21-24: Cornwall Hunters behind Cornwall station

22-24: Elder Beeches in Cornwall

23: Legionnaire Patrols on the way to the Roman House in Cornwall. Weak to body Nukes and drop good loot.

24-30: Darkness Falls, various forms of necyomancers, and the spindly ghost creatures of each type are good. Plated fiends have a lot of HP and hit rather hard for their level. Demoniac familiars are also good they drop seals as well. –note: Darkness Falls is notorious for its agro. You will want to WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING! Look to the ceilings as well, demons fly about up there.

26: The Bwga in Llyn Barfog, don't agro and good camp bonus

26-29: Cornish hens, bucca (drops a cab robe), and giant skeletons. Then move to moor boogies and legionarius.

28-50: Stonehenge Barrows. In the beginning group up around the entrance, then down to barbarian room. From there you can go to echoes groups, vigilant souls group, and various high level mobs deep in barrows. –note: Aggro is nasty here and can turn bad quickly so learn your way around.

29-32: Dartmoor Ponies, don't agro and are good exp.

29- 33: Faerie Frogs in Salisbury Plains during the day, at night skeletons come out. They aren’t very hard. –note: AOE DOT is a must here, and skeletons drop loot for cabalists here.

29-32: Dunters in Lyonesse

30-42: Undead monks in Llyn Barfog

31: *FRONTIER ZONE* boogie men behind the Albion Portal Keep in Emain. Good exp, good loot, aggressive however so be careful.

33-25: Pygmie Goblin Groups in Lyonesse

32-35: Farmers and Shepards in Lyonesse, or Hamadryads in Cornwall.

34: *FRONTIER ZONE* Arawnites in Snowdonia

40: Pygmie Goblin Groups except smaller than before in Lyonesse

40: Darkness Falls Tempter room. They pull solo plus good cash and emerald seals.

43: *FRONTIER ZONE* Fellwoods in Pennine Mountains, they have a damage shield, but it hits for only 20-30 damage.

44: *FRONTIER ZONE* Grannies in Emain, find a spot up the hill to avoid getting killed by RvR.

44: Danoin Clerks and Pealeadhs in Lyonesse

44/45: *FRONTIER ZONE* Cliff Crawlers in Forest Sauvage and Pennine Mountains. Stay on the east side of the hill. Pull far away from camp as they do call for help.

45-50: Diamond Groups in Darkness Falls, however cabalists have a hard time getting groups.

45-50: *FRONTIER ZONE* Angry Bwca Camps in Pennine Mountains

46: Tree groups in Lyonesse

46: Pygmie goblins, you will want to get a fire wizard partner now because Mythic has added a buncha HP to these buggers. They don't die in one AOE DOT now.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 5, 2004
46: Pygmie goblins, you will want to get a fire wizard partner now because Mythic has added a buncha HP to these buggers. They don't die in one AOE DOT now.

well u dont always need to .u can solo here from 46 and up u just have to learn to do it the right way.
if u have been to lyons ( ofc u have blond if i remember right i pl`d u ur last 2 bulbs or so) there are 3 pyg gobo camp`s . each with its on tangler,
the aqua , very small camp almost pointless for a caba but good for a beginning next u have the island camp , much bigger still imo a beginner camp then last and best of all the tree camp , how much bigger it is i dunno for sure . normal hte tree camp has acaba on so u gota get there earlyer :p or ur have to use the island if none of these imo log and wait till it free.
now on with the pulling, i have done this unbuffed solo, so u dont need a BB tho it does help and i pl my cleric a few lvls here too as i cudnt find any AC groups. first of see if there is a grave in the center of the camp , why look? its best to pull of the grave , meaning send ur bob ( pet :p) to the grave . use the attack command only ( yes he will try and attack the grave ) dont use the send command as he walks so slow and he dies to close to u to then try and kill the gobos.
b4 u send ur pet find the max disance u can be away from the grave to send ur bob in . next send ur bob to attack the grave . he`ll run in and stand there try to make love to it ( reason that i do this as u cud just attack a gobo is that pets are still buggy and sometimes bob teleports away from u with the gobos witch turns very bad as u can aoe dot as there all to far then .. INC!) take 3 steps back just after u send ur bob ( as this will be the new max disance when u target a gobo who shud be attacking ur bob ) target a gobo closes to u and when ur pet is on 10% hp (he will die fast) cast aoe dot TWICE ( incase of resists ) then turn and run away SPRINT! use half end and walk then 5 more steps ( to let the dot tick ) then turn and aoe dot once more ( hopfully u dont crit the gobo u pulled and he has died leaving u no target, if that happen u better be fast at getting a new 1 while 150 - 20 gobos are trying to get to u ) after the aoe dot again turn run , no need to sprint most of the gobos will die now , turn round and see the damage u have done but be rdy not all may have died , some may have run off or they will still try to run at u with 1% hp , 1 nuke dead :) but also
u may get 1 or 2 adds who did not get dotted at all. this is a pain, 60% chance u will die so root them fast as the tangler will now my smiting u , use ur debuffs here to interupt him then use 1 single dot on him then nuke him till dead . u dot for 1 reason only . tangler ive found has 2 smites 1 casterable and 1 inst , u always get in 1 or 3 nukes so dot is to make sure . now for the the gobos u rooted . re root 1 and make sure u are at max casting disance and dot nuke till dead . repeat on the 2nd ( if there is any)
now if any gobos ran off .. hoho INC! . after they get 3/4 of there hp back they will be back ( u can run after them and kill them b4 they regan hp )
again root them . u maybe be OOP or near OOP , mcl or create amber bob / kill and regan power fast to kill any gobos left :D
the pull above is a hard pull and u can die . they are not always like this.
now u can group as it says in the last post use a wizard to nuke the tangler for u and adds or u can use a scout ( belcar told me about this 1 as he uses it ) let the scout kill them all, if it comes to melee scout shud be ok , where a wiz will have a problem.
just a few more pointers. running routes: tree camp - as u run away from the tree camp u shud always run to near the stone wall corner the run right missing agrro of the telmon`s.
island - hard route but it shud be done , u basicly follow hte route u take to get to he island . but instead of crossing the tree camp area u have to run left of the wall thats there ( so u have a wall on ur right and the aqua camp to ur left ) mind the telmon as u run thru on tothe road thos by now the gobos shud be dead but if u get adds kill them on the road. u run this run coz if u run htru hte tree camp with a caba pull . if the gobos on the tree camp ( or other way round ) yell for help 1 or both will gain adds throwing 1 caba off and dieing ( he`ll be pissed at u then :p ).
the aqua - instead of the place where a sorc can pull from the aqua . u have to go round back , theres an open area there ( telmon / road on ur left as u look at the aqua camp and the arawn mobs behind u and on the right, u shud be able to see where to run . its clear enuff .

u maybe now how to pull ur self . but the amount ive have to tell have to pull w/o die as much as they were ... well to many ^^
but do remember u will die ( need a res bot! :p) but u always gain more exp then u lose, (well ok u dont always die but 80% u will die once) :clap:


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Jan 19, 2004
+30 you can stay in Lyo untill 50, from 46 its gobbo class in pve and a good pl'er :clap:


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Feb 9, 2004
smite clerics are also good to team up with when doing goblins. They are also the best mobs to PL poeple on under 35 (thats with a L50 cabalist and L50 aoe nuker), as you are killing 10-15 mobs per pull. Poeple under 30 have reported getting 1/2 a bub per pull.


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Jan 28, 2004
The best way to pull with a Caba at Tanglers is to have a Lvl 50 Pala with MOB 3 guard the caster.

Caster pulls as normal and then runs back and stands right in front of the Pala who blocks like a madman :)

I've seen this done, and it works so well I'm amazed more people don't try it...


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Dec 24, 2003
Danamyr said:
The best way to pull with a Caba at Tanglers is to have a Lvl 50 Pala with MOB 3 guard the caster.

Caster pulls as normal and then runs back and stands right in front of the Pala who blocks like a madman :)

I've seen this done, and it works so well I'm amazed more people don't try it...

kk thanks. you dragged this topic out from before xmas? :eek6:


the tree methord above works well theres 1 more thing if the tangler is close to front of the camp theres a good chance of him rooting you (painfull but fast death), if you are grouped the train of gobbo tend to leave you and go after group member/s aoe as fast as poss to kill them then onto tangler.
Deaths at tanger are common but the exp gained so fast its not a problem.
My cabbie Olodia is around there a lot if help needed :clap:


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Dec 24, 2003
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Damn you lol :) but thx

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