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Fledgling Freddie
Mar 11, 2009

Am getting the urge to create something new on the website scene. This community software is free and very powerful:


Thought to create a little site for me and myself and a few other mes. Tried Facebook and Myspace but they are all damn vague to me. Too many damn strangers on em. Who wants to communicate with zillions of people? So if you want to join my little community well I am sorry it is for family members only and private invites.

Interesting software though and there are hosts that specialize in installing it with all the bells and whistles such as ffmpeg and stuff. I already have a little experience of this software as I tested it out before. Might even attempt to run it off a home server.

Don't suppose anyone is interested in such a project but you never know. I might be able to pass on some tips when I have messed around a bit more.

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