Best PvE Charecter? (solo)

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Alunaa, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Darksword

    Darksword Can't get enough of FH

    id say paladin for solo pve as i believe u were asking?

    well as slate said - u shouldnt die really.

    highest armor factor in the game if using ur shield aura, u can heal urself, and altho ur dmg isnt the best u can fight hard mobs and straight after go for another 1 etc.

    this class is far better than rogue in solo pve as u survive a hell of alot more, for a rogue in a tricky situation u rely on sprint/evasion, or at times a heavy combination of gouge, backstab, gouge, backstab, kidney punch backstab or whatever (atleast i have survive off it). on a paladin u can simply heal ur way out of it and go on 2 look like it was piss easy :).

    disadvantages include no ranged and (to me atleast) no sneeky sneeky :D (i enjoy being able 2 walk past a camp of mobs higher than me and go on 2 xp).

    in grps at higher level ur not as effective as getting/holding agro as a warrior (altho u can probably grab agro back from ur priest/druid by healing them - keeping them alive a bit longer and getting agro from the mob).

    also - worth looking into imo, a duo can b very good in wow - a warlock/rogue duo was amazing - taking out a camp at once with so much chaos :D, also a pally/warrior duo should be good - warrior pulls and both whack away, with mutliple mobs being controlled with heals, demoralising shout etc etc (imo this duo would b the best in the game)

    mage is also fairly strong in pve imo, with good range dmg, crowd control, low downtime and at higher levels i believe they can make stones for inst heals/mana? - survivablity

    as stated other places here warlock is also good for solo - variety of pets, dots, nukes, lifedrain etc.

    im personally leveling a warrior now after getting my rogue 2 lvl 28 and feeling slightly bored/overpowered?

    OH i almost forgot - look into a priest :D i want 1 (side project while leveling warrior hehe) they arent the best at pve aparantly but being acceptable at pve while still having great group desirability it will allow u 2 get a group if you feel like socialising a bit more
  2. Meatballs

    Meatballs Loyal Freddie

    Just learn to use LOS to prevent casters casting and bring them close to your group when pulling. This can put them out of the action for up to about 10 seconds without having to use any cc.

    Bonus to having rogues/hunters in group is that often you can just chain pull because you're not waiting on a mage to drink... Also physical damage tends to be better for caster mobs and vice versa :eek:

    You really don't need a 'perfect' group for any instance, theres lots of tactics that can be used depending on the group dynamics.
  3. bult

    bult Loyal Freddie

    If you use WF totem when solo id have to say you dont know what you are doing ;> As its ALOT less efficient then your self only WF weapon buff ;o. Infact pretty much all totems are bad when solo grinding because they are not very mana efficient.

    Shaman is NOT as fast as hunter/rogue but its still a pretty good solo class.
  4. bult

    bult Loyal Freddie

    I can promise you that a wellspecced rogue with good weapons have much higher exprate then a paladin, sure they cant solo highlvl mobs as much and they might die faster but when it comes to getting exp fast its ALL about killing fast and for that nothing beats rogue.

    The way the energy system work means that rogue have pretty much no downtime when fighting same lvl and a few below mobs.

    Everyone should get the xprate UI addon that displays xp/min and time to lvl and see.
  5. mts

    mts Fledgling Freddie

    yeah meant the wf buff for the weapon not the totem ^^ playing a warrior myself so i always think of the totem
  6. Darksword

    Darksword Can't get enough of FH

    well i was also considering that he wants 2 solo - in which case he will probably wnat 2 fight harder mobs at time and not need 2 run. yes rogues downtime is very low, infact before level 28 i never even needed 2 use food 2 reduce downtime and atm i only use it on a rare basis. rogue levels fast, however paladins xp rate is also very high, almost on par i wreckon if not the same. there survivablity makes them brilliant in solo play. also i wreckn at higher level pally will do better in solo play as mobs will get harder 2 kill/outlive, in which case pally should do better :)
  7. Vintersorg

    Vintersorg Can't get enough of FH

    This talk about some classes being better than other for soloing makes me laugh, to be honest.

    As a matter of fact, I think that any class is good enough for all kinds of jobs, as long as the player behind the keyboard is good enough (and that ladies and gents, is mostly the problem I encounter). Just to state a few examples, here's some conversations I had on Argent Dawn:

    - lvl 19 rogue lfg Van Cleef. got a spot left?
    - No sorry, we have 4 people already, and no healer yet. so we nead a healer.
    - Ehm, you seem to have 2 druids in your group. They counts as healers pretty well, don't they?
    - Druids are not healers, they're tanks...
    (strangely enough, I was glad not to get into that group :) thinks if I had choose to enter the deadmines solo or with that group, my chances of success would dramatically improve by going solo...they'd rise to 0,0000001 % at the very least)

    And a second nice example (happened on US servers):

    Warrior in the group yells for healing in the middle of combat. Answer of the priest was: "I don't heal, I'm a shadow priest"... :eek6:

    When you hear things like that, don't you think some people could play any class, and still play bad?
  8. ESD

    ESD Fledgling Freddie

    TBH there is no Good or Bad Class at all in here
    I myself am A Hunter & I am happy to say I like the class
    The solo ability in the hunter is very good the party ability is not as hot but useful, In the group I am regularily In I Use my hunter as a guard because i am hitting at ranged I can see if anything agros from behind & protect long enough for warriors to come & assist or I can see if some one needs assist & send pet in to attack because I have no agro I can Use first aid easier without taking hits as an emergency healer

    All I am saying in this is that Every class is useful when used correctly & there is definately no weak class as a hunter style fanatic though I must say that Blizzard have mad this class very User friendly
  9. Feyd

    Feyd Fledgling Freddie

    I know you asked for PvE solo-mastah, but keep this in mind for what ever you might choose:

    Warlock are the most bugged/"nerfed" class in PvP at higher levels. This little piece of knowledge might be handy in case you are not going to a carebear-server ;)

    PS. I play warlock, and this is not to start a discussion about warlock, just to add to his knowledge :)

    PPS. The "nerfed" above... Warlocks aren't nerfed... I just can't find the correct word for it right now :(

    EDIT: Woops, I'm on my friends account. Former Meduza from Excalibur here ;)
  10. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Can't get enough of FH

    Yes but we are not the best killers :) We miss the flexibility of the warriors but we get compensation with the casting we can do.
    As for solo well no class is bad at it but for paladins I really miss the ability I had with the druid for ranged attacks, you have to get close and might get more agro then another would get. Compensated with the tough getting killed.
  11. Marczje

    Marczje Fledgling Freddie

    Why play a warlock tbh meduza ;<
  12. Spyf

    Spyf Loyal Freddie

    Its funny how 'what class is best'' allways turn up when a game hit the street
    What ever happened to fun and just exploring and enjoy the game :wanker:
  13. [TB] Benedictine

    [TB] Benedictine Fledgling Freddie

    Bad example.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with a shadow priest - providing the group took him as a dps not a healer (can't heal in shadowform etc)

    I'm tri-specced so totally unbiased.
  14. Ralgedi Smurf

    Ralgedi Smurf One of Freddy's beloved

    A shadow priest should change out of shadow form and help heal if nesseary even if he is there as a dps class.

    But he could just be pissed because the tank keeps yelling that he should heal him, Its so damm annoying, often people yell heal as soon as they have lost a small amount of HP.
  15. Lakashnik

    Lakashnik Fledgling Freddie

    honest to god i hate pallys. well mainly the people im meeting who play them.
    lvl50+ pallys i grp with i dnt know how they got so high. most common sentences spewing out of their tiny brains is this.
    "omg wtf y didnt u heal me then ur a shit healer i hate u"
    this being because i was healing the warrior in the grp who is nice enough to trust me to heal when he has hlfish hps rather than spam low amounts of heals while they pally barely gets scratched, and can also heal himself...
    but some pallys will refuse outright to heal themselves in a grp and will a) die then blame it on me or b) spam the heal yell untill i give up and decide to heal them in then spam a heal themselves totally wasting my mana that i just spent on them then complain about it.
    although the most common 50+pally comment i have had so far is this.
    "I dont have blessing of salvation because im not that talent spec"......
    ok this may just be me but considering it is not a talent spec skill i have to think this is 1 of the most retarded comments ever. salvation is my best friend in grps when im spamming heals everywer. its also useful on the high dmg dealers such as mages when fighting a mob so the tanks can hold agro easier.
    anyway abit offtopic but if ur not completely stupid any class is good pve solo. hunter is very fast at the start where as priests for example are rather slow compared.

    and that comment about the priest not healing because hes shadow was retarded. im shadow spec but im almost always taken to grsp for heals. even if im not i have vamp embrace to do a lil healing while i dmg the mobs or if really needed i come out of shadowform and heal. and if they arent even in shadowform they should be able to heal between dmging nps.
  16. Meduza

    Meduza One of Freddy's beloved

    Why a priest? ;)

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