Best PvE Charecter? (solo)

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Alunaa, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Alunaa

    Alunaa Fledgling Freddie

    ok so started off reading about Hunter's being soooooo good at soloing then recently ive seen loads of posts about past 40 or 50 they suck really badly

    been thinking mainly Alliance charecters
    Paladin's look ok but are they any good?

    Worlocks? what exactly do they do???

    erm yeah lol help

    so PvE king's solo any suggestions
  2. Toxx

    Toxx Fledgling Freddie

    i think for xping, a rogue will level fastests, and i think for higher level pveing and farming items, probably a warlock, maybe :eek:
  3. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    i would say a paladin
  4. FuzzyLogic

    FuzzyLogic Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy

    Moved to Character discussion :)
  5. Krunch-X

    Krunch-X Fledgling Freddie

    Warlocks burn things ;)

    My advice is to forget about which class is best, and choose the race / class that you want to play. I'm only in it for a big sword and fancy armour .. I don't care how I get it, that's my goal. A Warlock isn't lilkely to be able to wear fancy pants armour, so I'm going for a melee class. I gave up on offensive spellcasters in my NWN days, as *I* tend to be useless with them - so it's a Pally for me (I liked the auras in War3).
  6. Evoknox

    Evoknox Fledgling Freddie

    Hunter is a very solid class to solo with, a pet tank with taunt so youll never get agro, able to kill 2-3 mobs of your lvl at the same time (bit tricky though), able to kill mobs 3 lvls higher without much difficulty. And very important for me, the most fun class I've played so far (played all of them to 15-25, not that high, but hey ;))
  7. Poon

    Poon One of Freddy's beloved

    Hunter is about the best, Pally is good but it takes ages to kill so they arnt actually that fast even though its fairly safe, warlock is also good and druids havent got too many problems solo'ing either if you know how to work your forms, have very little DT.
  8. Turamber

    Turamber FH is my second home

    Warlocks are good - lots of utility, with talents they have nice HP, pet can be very useful for soloing, the ability to drain health and mana leads to little down time. Probably the best pet class I've played in any MMOG.
  9. Slatelighttone

    Slatelighttone Fledgling Freddie

    Levelled a Pallie to 30 in the US stress test/final beta. You don't exactly rip through the mobs but you should never die even when being beat on by 2 or 3 mobs at a time.

  10. Shady-

    Shady- Fledgling Freddie

  11. scorge

    scorge Fledgling Freddie

    all the classes are well rounded in PvE, some lvl faster than others, so play what you enjoy the most
  12. Minn

    Minn Fledgling Freddie

    been playing some on korean beta and now on eu fb and...

    a mage to lvl 22
    a warlock to lvl 20
    a warrior to lvl 25
    a pally to lvl 15 (still exp'ing)
    a priest to lvl 42 (still exp'ing)

    and I must say that for solo a warrior or a pally owns, maybe a warrior kills faster but pally is tougher.
    I heard that rouges are easy to lvl as well, havent tried one though
  13. Ebonn

    Ebonn Loyal Freddie

  14. k9awya

    k9awya Can't get enough of FH

    rogues are the bestest

    warrior and paladin are not good
  15. tazzbe

    tazzbe Fledgling Freddie

    Play whatever class you like best...
  16. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Guys - this is not the DAOC area. If you want to post your thoughts regarding the subject then please try to back them up with some reasoning. Anyone can write a oine word answer but it is better to give some backup. Examples (from the Jup school of posting) :



    This answer sucketh teh donkeh bollox. No reasons given to backup what I am saying, after all, the thread starter presumably asked the question to better understand and then choose his/her character, but this gives them next to no input whatsoever.


    "Warrior. It can be quite tough to get the hang of as you need to build up rage to use on special abilities, but once you get the hang of building a reserve of rage and get into a good rhythm you can fly between mobs like a bat out of hell. It's quite important to have good armour and weapons, of course, but in my experience so far money doesn't seem to be too much of an issue and there are plenty of decent drops to be had. I seem to pay less in my training overall (more expensive per ability, but fewer abilities to buy) than many casters I know and we have the advantage of not needing to regen mana between fights. Main downside is that to use the charge ability which generates some starting rage sometimes mean you will be getting into the middle of a spawn area rather than pulling from range, and this can lead to trouble for a solo player. The choices of weapons available are pretty much everything, but time needs to be spent using different weapon types to maintain a decent skill level in each. Of course, being able to use a wide variety of weapons means you can often upgrade weapons through drops alone as you aren't relying on just a one handed sword drop or similar."

    This answer gives the thread-starter far more information regarding the class and some of the pros and cons of it, letting them form an opinion as to whether it might suit their playstyle.

    Now, come on guys, lets keep the boards meaningful and constructive, not like the old DAOC +1 shite. Thanks. :wub:
  17. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    Played warlock to 30 and had no problems soloing at all. A warlock doesnt kill very fast but it can kill mobs several levels above itself with no problems, can usually kill 2 yellowcon elites solo at a time if needed.
    Basically you use your tankpet (voidwalker, aka blueberry) and your 3 dots (damage-over-time) and then use different drains to minimize aggro on you.
    You can if you want use pet with more dps, such as succubus or fellhunter, but then you will have to tank yourself and use lifedrain all the time to keep your health up, or burn out your mana on using your primary direct damage spell (which kinda sucks since it takes alot of mana and is slow as hell) and try to kill fast - i only use voidwalker, unless im in a party or expect to pvp (voidwalker not good for much except Sacrifice in pvp).

    Its a fun class with many tricks up their sleeves, and i will play one in retail :)
  18. Talivar

    Talivar Part of the furniture

    Why do ppl say Paladins cant kill fast?,with the right blessings and auras we have very good dps.
  19. Gatts

    Gatts Fledgling Freddie

    If you are talking about being able to hand high lvl mobs I would say paladin and even a hunter if you play him right.

    On the other hand if you just want fast kills a rogue do greatly. (Although a hunter will solo quickly aswell on lower mobs).

    But this all being said I wouldn't choose a character based on what is best in PvE instead I would stick with something you like.
  20. Sh33p

    Sh33p Fledgling Freddie

    Rogue or Hunter are the most efficient solo class, kill fast, no downtime. Rogue is probably the better class at higher level.

    Only problem is neither have any place whatsoever in 5 man level 55+ instance groups.

    Oh and yes, warlock is about the only class that can solo stuff higher level & same level elites without too much difficulty.
  21. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    i dissagree :) my lvl 24 hunter is doing quite nicly killing same lvl elite mobs.. only problem i have is the "named" elite mobs thats not quite bosses but almost.. those tend to whoop my arse :)

    tho i must say having a elite beast tamed helps ALOT.

    oh and always feed ur pet so its doing 125% damage :)

    oh and one more thing.. if u ARE going hunter/rouge. get leatherworking and skinning! not so much as to make stuff and sell as to making stuff for urself! most of the knobs thats playing atm charges HUGE amounts for even the crappiest of drops so dont expect to be able to buy any of the fancy weapons or armor pieces thats close to your level. so do urself a favour and get leatherworking and skinning (or wichever skill that makes armor for whatever class u get) as it WILL pay off.
  22. Sanzor

    Sanzor Fledgling Freddie

    Gimme a break regarding warriors are not good for solo. If you get FA along with your lvling, you can go damn fast. Since most humanoids drop the stuff required for FA, it pretty much follows along with your lvling.

    Atm i can chain mobs being 3-4 lvls higher than myself with a 2hander. Using Charge from start really punch in some rage. When coming to Impale in Arms line, you crit often and HARD!

    Rogues might be fast, but tanking is not exactly what they are famous for.
  23. Sanzor

    Sanzor Fledgling Freddie

    Depending where your going, you will prolly engage caster mobs. True that warriors can interupt em, same with Pallies and their stunning. But rogues can offer alot of interupting aswell, not to mention damage.
    Its difficult with hunters, if they know what to target and control their pet well they can do wonders for a grp.
    Not to mention many of their gun/bow abilities.
  24. Sh33p

    Sh33p Fledgling Freddie

    Are you 55+?


    If you try to kick caster mobs in an instance like strat I will personally boot you the hell out, all you'll do is aggro whatever is near the pull and get everyone killed.

    Mages have counterspell that perm silences for 5 seconds and cuts off a line for 10 seconds, that is how it's dealt with.

    Rogues single target damage is decent but unless they really know their shit all they'll do is grab aggro off the tank and suck up healer mana so they're always running at 50-60% of their max possible dps.

    Coupled with the fact all the high level instances depend heavily on AE the only use rogues have is sap and poly > sap.

    Hunters have below-rogue/mage dps, the only use they have is in gimped groups having their pet hold aggro on a mob when if you'd had a mage the mob would have been poly'd.
  25. Bibi

    Bibi Fledgling Freddie

    Totally agreed with that !
    U can joke with imp, brag on Voidy and C6 with succubus - what more u want from game :p
  26. Turamber

    Turamber FH is my second home

    Then later on you have the joy of taking your dog (felhunter) for walkies and your very own My Little Pony. With all of our own skills and pet's skills trained up we offer a fair bit to instance groups - we are not just soulstone/healthstone bitches.

    Levelled to 46 pretty quickly (for me), have now taken my foot off the gas because I am levelling a warrior alt. That is also a fun class, although very gear dependent. Having a higher level character with a fair bit of gold helps to keep the warrior in good gear. Don't pay any attention to the "warrior sucks!!!111" comments because they are simply not true.
  27. Danya

    Danya Fledgling Freddie

    imp. counterspell is broken, it only silences for 4 seconds. You only get the 10 second block of one school with unimproved counterspell. Still beats anything a rogue has as it works at 30 yard range though. :p
  28. Sendraks

    Sendraks Fledgling Freddie

    Hunter is easily the most fun class I've played in any MMORPG yet. Excellent damage output, exceeding that of Rogues and Mages 4 lvls my senior, versatile range of stun and poison and debuff attacks and if you play your pet right, you can do heavy sustained fire to mobs and not draw aggro. If you spec heavily in marksmanship and have enough + to agil, you'll find a lot of your shots crit on a mob. With rapid fire engaged, thats a dead mob very quickly.

    Or you can crit with an Aimed Shot (if you're lucky) and end the fight outright!

    Tracking abilities you will miss when you play any other class. Part of hunter skill is knowing how far away from you on the radar those little red dots will aggro from, which is a huge bonus to groups, as a good hunter can easily pick the best spots to pull and fight from so no additional aggro is drawn.

    For PvE groups, Hunters probably don't bring the optimised firepower and cc of a Mage or Warlock, but not everyone runs with such groups (or "needs" too) and the hunter can fulfill a number of roles well. Ranged damage is very good, they don't roll over an die straight away if something hits them, their pet is a mobile wandering dot and aggro sink, melee damage if you go 2-H is solid, though no substitute for a tank.

    They are kind of like the DAoC Necros of WoW. Solid class for solo PvE, can fit into any group, but probably not the most optimal due to their slightly generalist nature.
  29. mts

    mts Fledgling Freddie

    yeah hunters are solid as shit (lol) for solo pve, but im really surprised the shaman hasnt been mentioned alot.

    i'd say that if you were to hold a contest on a fresh server who'd get to 60 first, completely solo, a shaman would prolly win it (just look at cul from war legend). with windfury totems, a nice 2hander and their shocks they chew through equal level mobs like they were nothing, dont even get me started on weak humanoid caster mobs =P
  30. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    Don't you just love answers that start like this.

    or translated

    "Challenge me. I r teh l33t"

    makes me laugh anyway.

    <hides and hope jup didnt notice>

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