Assassins and particularly sbs...are just dead. Good work mythic

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Nuxtobatns, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    Fuck !!!
    Dmg and penetration sux vs visuals...remedy clears assassin fights...mos and new bow and sh*t end it with archers.
    Pity i cant delete cause we need the pots he makes...
  2. Minidk

    Minidk Loyal Freddie

    haha i guess:worthy:
  3. Kinag

    Kinag Part of the furniture

    Sorry for Remedy'ing you, but you're 10lX and I'm rr5 so basically the only time I use Remedy is versus chars who's alot higher rr than me :)
  4. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    Its not just that...(rr8 btw :p)
    even deathblow abilities suck... and rr5 ... and ... and .. and ... just fuck it. what was i even thinking trying again...
  5. Kinag

    Kinag Part of the furniture

    Ah, rr8 ;p still got alot more toys than I do! :p

    Just saw your sig and forgot you had a thane ^^
  6. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    your point just is not true in my opinion...

    assasins are very much alive... and SB are very much up there at the top of the assasin pile (although there aint exactly much diff)

    Its harder to play an assasin well, as opposed to a "melee immune" visual for sure (get your mob and mopar and hot myth away you go)... but tbh there is zero point in playing a visual melee character in daoc since 1.87... it was never exactly hard mode, but now its more a case of hard to loose mode.

    more fun to play something which you find difficult than playing something you find boring...
  7. Gnarag

    Gnarag Fledgling Freddie

    Tbh, at rr4 i find there is more success vs visuals than other assasins... It is very rare that assasins above rr5 don't dump remedy, which really destroys you unless you are lucky.

    I think it is more a case of being selective with targets rather than going for everything (which used to be possible), which makes rvr more of a challenge. Assassins are far from dead :)
  8. Cylian

    Cylian Fledgling Freddie

    try a Valk while they got that HoT as it is now, doesn't even need RAs to splat stealthers :p
  9. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    hunter >> sb
    (played both ofc)..just dont have a hunter of my own.
  10. Zoia

    Zoia Can't get enough of FH

    At least assassins have my zerker to fight!
    Just lost 3 fights in a row against Shadowlost. He evaded almost as much as i parried/evaded, but easily outdamaged me as most assassins do.
    I still do ok against most assassins though, but not like i beat'em up easy. Usually it's very close. With lots of parry and greater evade myth, my defence isn't too bad.
    Against shieldclasses it can be even more frustrating. Had a dual against the scout Izasku(sp?) and he stopped the fight when i was at 15% and he was still at 90% or so. :p

    Maybe that's why i haven't seen many lighttanks out solo lately, cause shield is just too good now.
    I can still charge+vendo on casters though!
  11. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    so now you see how it feels nuxto :p
  12. Soulja_IA_

    Soulja_IA_ Can't get enough of FH

    Well Rangers been fcked since last patch anyway and even with new patch they still going to be bottom of the ladder so welcome to the world of Mythic who want you to now start another class.

  13. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    Well...ranger have bow too.. and a semi role maybe. Besides..within some timeframes.. with SoM/WH/IP and stuff...they r quite ok.

    Well..i know how it already rr9 almost. But things have always went from ok to bad...and now to worse (at least for sb.. i wish i had an infil). I did Hammy's for like 128 main hand .. and Garrotes for like 70main ... i mean... omg.... (dont any1 be smartass to say... ms... battler... and stuff :p)...
  14. lpep

    lpep Can't get enough of FH

    sb's need luv.. make la work the same as dw/cd and sb will be back on form.. sbs are great caster hunters with there 2 handers but otherwise they r doomed versus other stealthers.....
  15. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    maybe.... but not super true.
    LA/CD/DW mechanics were same when i played alot sb.. and cant say i had any problems against them (before remedy for NSs.... and then for all ofc)
  16. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    Yes because people who play casters have massive dicks hehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehheh

    Or maybe they are just useless little euroteens :(
  17. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    If you think a SB is weak.. play a ranger... get your bow of dhoom out... marvel at its damage, before applying the killer sword blow to your arrowed ridden target... then wake up from your deep sleep and realise you cant do anything with bow and you cant hit anything in melee. and thats you fucked.

    melee'ing things on a ranger is actually more an exercise in pure comedy... but the current situation with rangers has come from the OMG nerf melee ranger OP side stun PD crowd that has zero clue about the class... The only alignment exericse mythic needed to under go was an overhaul of scouts melee potential... not nerf the whole duel wield dynamics into the group and destroy solo RVR and make fights last 2 hours....

    SB are dhoomed versus other stealthers? Are you sure thats not just you getting killed and thinking the class suxs (and thats no said in a bad way)... because SB is a very competative assasin with some real nice perks.

    one of the few classes im interested in playing still tbh.
  18. Aiteal

    Aiteal Can't get enough of FH

    Just my humble opinion :ninja:
    But ToA can make some assassins lazy
    It certainly made me lazy

    when I first started playing a shade on classic, i was still stuck in a ToA mindset
    I made templates were I couldn't really swap weapons without fecking up my stats
    I choose weapons based on their procs (like I did with malice etc on ToA)
    and didn't really bother reapplying as much as I should
    didn't bother putting 11 envenom in suit and used swap in gear to repoision my weapons

    after eating so much dirt my skinny elf looked like Jabba the Hut
    I went back a redid my template to take account of all the things I did wrong

    now I have mainhand free template
    offhand is crafted (4 in inventory prepoisioned)
    I use every poision available to me
    crafted lethargy and increased end usage poisions included
    nice greater healing myth and greater evade myth depending on target
    and running STR/CON, DEX/QUI, AF and Celerity charges ontop of the base pots
    I always have end regain pots up
    and went Viper III

    but solo casters are rare on classic (apart from PD5 bonedancers)
    so most fights against visables are against nasty visual classes
    and even against annoying as hell (on classic) classes like maulers and friars I'm doing very well
    Valks gave me problems till last patch, but are much easier now
    Armsmen I backstab with snare, dot, debuff then kite to try to perf
    most shield classes I always apply lethargy and asd poision and the health myth just makes hp's tick up :)

    I do have insta DD's for archers though
    but I upped to mos4 for a while
    when the scout tidal wave was in full force

    i'm just an average player
    my reflexes are quite poor and i make loads of stupid mistakes (and repeat them alot)

    but I still think assassins are an excellent and competative class to play
    they take alot of preparation before you hit the frontier

    I'm doing quite well on my shade, sometimes I loose to reavers/valks/thanes that engage ad nausem till slam immunity is up and dump ST or TWF
    and armsmen have 3 shot me after slamming :)

    but so long as I have the velvet underground on winamp to sing along to when thanes drop static tempest 5 seconds after I come out of their second slam I stay happy playing a shade :)

    and I did get a nice new vest the other night
  19. islef

    islef Loyal Freddie

    hmmmm as always i seem to totally disagree with nuxto, playing an inf on german servers atm and i find it extremely fun. I do know i got more spec points etc yadayada so dont go there, i find most stealthclasses fairly even as they are now. As for remedy dump, what exactly prevents you from using it yourself? purge if any poisons already on u etc.. just makes it more of a dick swinging/styling contest.
    On my little inf who only just dinged rr5 yesterday and is still ml4 i go for almost all targets, only things that are pretty much a no go atm are maulers unless i can line up a 100% pa, s/s valks and wardens. Heavy tanks are tough as hell but imo they bloody well should be.

    So quit the whining and play more, only stealth class i think is severely in need of some lovin' are rangers. They seem to be free rp as it is now

  20. Punishment

    Punishment Part of the furniture

    Overall Assasins are alot and i mean alot weaker versus visuals then what they were when my shade was rr4 when Brittles got nerfed :(

    Shield is now insanely stupidly oped ... not to mention other bullshit :mad:

    But i truely dont think Shadowblades need love , as ok infils are overpowered and shades are doin ok even with shit racial choice ( id choose elf over celt shade still any day) i think as i have discussed with my many stealther friends of all realms that to bring all assasins into line nightshades+shadowblades need to be given 2.5 specpoints and thats the only way to bring Infils back in line with other assasins ;)

    Personally i think shadowblades have alot more going for them than nightshades as they have the potential to do more damage + the get bludgeon and they have sidestun now also ... Ope'd ;-O
  21. Kinag

    Kinag Part of the furniture

    I'd gladly remove those 10 pts or so I got from those 0.3 spec points which I put in DW (40 DW atm) to prove that infs aren't that overpowered as people seem to think it is :p

    Sure, they get a bonus from 0.3 spec points, but it's nothing groundbreaking tbh.
  22. Minidk

    Minidk Loyal Freddie

    stop being evul to young ppl!! :touch::worthy:
  23. Punishment

    Punishment Part of the furniture

    When you are pushing the limits of your class it really is groundbreaking :D
  24. Pio

    Pio One of Freddy's beloved

    It's still better than what mids or hibs get plus you get a better race than hibs do
  25. Cylian

    Cylian Fledgling Freddie

    what SBs need is the ability to use bludgeon at will, and get a crush-debuff while using it instead of a (at that time) useless slash-debuff.
    And a race with 5% slash resists (I vote for Kobbies!).

    Other than that things are pretty equal now ... bar the usual buff disparity compared to albs <sigh>
  26. >.< Pooned

    >.< Pooned Fledgling Freddie

    And people like you dont xD :fluffle:
  27. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    yes they do... its you they dont like!
  28. >.< Pooned

    >.< Pooned Fledgling Freddie

    why shouldnt they be weaker from visual chars? and i mean mainly tanks?
    Daoc is 1 of the few games that using stealth like it is almost undetected.
    i mean wtf? , u walking with ur tank/caster and u get a wtf pa from somewhere? ye right! tell me 1 game that u get the same mechanics? L2 WoW is so much diffrent when it comes to stealther Pov , actually in WoW before the rogue comes to you u can see him 2-3 secs before he comes near to you.
  29. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    well they have always been a bit weaker than the visuals... what peeps are hinting at is the level of comparitive strength has swung to far in favour of defense tanks and hybrids...

    which is an accurate statement.
  30. krall

    krall Fledgling Freddie

    after mids got AF spec's it evened out imo....hehe if albs don't use the damn heal spec's from the frier.....As for the NS vs SB - I for one would give up the 2hander any day for 2 insta interrups and a nuke

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