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Jun 14, 2006
I've got a 2005 1.6 Ford Focus and I've got water in my spark plug wells. I know where it's coming from and it's an easy fix. However I need to replace the plugs and that necessitates clearing out the water and getting rid of the rust that's built up before removing the old ones. Seems to me that it'll be easier to do if I remove the entire rocker cover because I'll have better access to the wells.

Before I do that however, I need to know if I have to replace any gaskets/seals or if I can just put the cover back on when I'm done.



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Jan 4, 2004
I think the rocker cover usually has a rubber seal, so you might not need to replace it. if there's been water building up though, or if it's been a while since it was opened, it might perish and need replacing. If it's one of the cork gaskets on that model, chances are it will need replacing. Best bet is to look on a part supplier, put in your reg and see which type it uses. They're usually pretty cheap though, and if it's not been changed for a while, could be worth putting a new one in anyway, seeing as you're taking the cover off.


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Dec 22, 2003
Always put a new one on.
It will have been squeezed over time even if its rubber.
At a pinch use gasket sealant as well.

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