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Discussion in 'Neocron' started by Envenom2, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Envenom2

    Envenom2 Guest

    got about 10 more patches to download lol but lookin forward to getting on there.....
  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    just downloading patches now.

    omg its SO SLOW but then it is a saturday I suppose. Still its took 25 mins to dl the first patch which is only 5MB and Im on 1mbit cable too :(

    oh well think ill go out to the pub and play tomorrow with a hangover ;)

    edit : DOH just seen I can manually dl the patches thank god :)
  3. xyza

    xyza Guest

    Most people don't see that you can download it manually, with a much higher speed, untill they've been sitting there waiting for a "few" hours ;)
  4. masentaja

    masentaja Guest

    Heh, I've decided to wait a bit on Neocron.
    It seemed still quite buggy, and some ppl said the BETA stage was in better condition... still, don't believe all what they say ;)

    But DaoC offers some interest to me still, so I think I'll hang with that, and buy Neocron after month or two. :)
  5. Karl [DAOC]

    Karl [DAOC] Guest


    Nah Daoc went downhil a long time ago,
    playing neocron, actualy very cool except for the mad ammount of leaching!!

    besides that goa deleted my lvl 50 :ggrrr


    Karl - lvl 50 RM Excalibur
    Seras Victoria - Saturn Server - PSI Monk
  6. pihlss

    pihlss Guest

    the beta was better then the gold game infact
    very sad as I like most of the idea
  7. sharpbits

    sharpbits Guest

    I played neocron for about 3 weeks, it wasn't too bad and the vehicles etc were nice... but the graphics were just so awful i couldn't punish myself by playing it for long ;)

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