All your Forum are belong to us!!!!

Discussion in 'Neocron' started by SilverHood, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. SilverHood

    SilverHood Guest

    In the name of King Charles the 568th, I here by claim this part of the forum for England, the United Kingom, The Commonwealth, for the greater glory of his majesty, the honourable and exalted Charles of Neocron

    I wonder who will actually read this
  2. cHodAX

    cHodAX Guest

    Me :) I just downloaded Neocron and I plan to give it a whirl this week ;)
  3. SilverHood

    SilverHood Guest

    I stopped playing about a month ago.... game was laking content... and all the fecking germans

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