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Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Faeldawn, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Iorlas

    Iorlas Fledgling Freddie

    Nothing to do with the huge amout of mids aswell and then the hibs joining in??was all albs fault...ok :twak:
  2. Mehuge

    Mehuge One of Freddy's beloved

    Its your signature lenght limit setting in your profile I expect. This allows you to cut out stupidly over long signatures.
  3. Xanthian

    Xanthian Fledgling Freddie

    Wonder who ? ;)
  4. Yaemon

    Yaemon Fledgling Freddie

    someone pretty stupid.... or someone really tired of the game and want some help to /quit ;)
  5. Xanthian

    Xanthian Fledgling Freddie

    Funny how Pandemonic knew that it would get returned from the moment it was removed..

    Or coincidence maybe?
  6. Urme the Legend

    Urme the Legend Fledgling Freddie

    Not that hard to figure out.. if the doors weren't broken.. it couldn't have been a legal RR :touch:
  7. Ardamel

    Ardamel Fledgling Freddie

    You're both right and wrong :)

    Seems like someone exploited a bug of some kind, would be interesting to know who it was, it was obviously more than 1 person.
  8. Elorelen Hearthunter

    Elorelen Hearthunter Fledgling Freddie


    Wohoo I read mids have lost there relic again :p /me reports: *ahum, are we live? oh we are? ok here we go* Hello this is the GOA (gimp of albion) reporter talknig to a ickle SM kobbie.. and ickle boy; did u enjoy ur 2 hour relic power? (kobbie say's: Yeh now I wtfpwn who0p Ass no0b bo0b gro0p z3rged a fotm stealthZ3rg no0b bo0b gro0p with my instas and XTREME RELIC POWAHH 4tehwin!!!11!1!one23fourfivesix7 :clap:

    and :kissit: to mids :cheers:
  9. Xanthian

    Xanthian Fledgling Freddie

    lol you on crack or something?
  10. Elorelen Hearthunter

    Elorelen Hearthunter Fledgling Freddie

    nope sry, but I want to be a part of the uber 1337 ones.
    I mean I see every one type suddenly like this so i thought well lets give it a try :p (failed though but i dont care :D)
  11. Shagrat

    Shagrat I am a FH squatter

    bw been down half a day and all the clueless muppets are arriving i see :(
  12. Belomar

    Belomar Fledgling Freddie

    Asardog is one BW muppet we could have lived without. :eek7: (I'm sure people say that about me as well, though. ;))
  13. Glenmorangie

    Glenmorangie Fledgling Freddie

    I hope that was a joke :twak:
  14. Glenmorangie

    Glenmorangie Fledgling Freddie

  15. agon

    agon Fledgling Freddie

    ow i see, thanks
  16. Robopot

    Robopot Fledgling Freddie


    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
    [ :eek2: ][ :eek2: ][ :eek2: ][ :eek2: ]
  17. Nxs

    Nxs One of Freddy's beloved

    If anyone wants to retain their characters, I would sugest you dont even download this. However if with TOA approaching you feel FUCK IT, then maybe you should :)

    From what ive been told its not a server hack, more of an app that edits your computers memory, so although its cheating its not technicaly hacking the servers, but you'll be a very very bad person if you use it !!
  18. Nxs

    Nxs One of Freddy's beloved

    GOA / Mythic do need to do something about fixing the game, but posting exploits here is not really the best way to go around it.

    Sooner a mod can clean this thread the better.
  19. Fenderon

    Fenderon Can't get enough of FH

    Ok so you wont release them, but maybe use them yourself?

    The best way to notify mythic/goa would be to send them the file as proof and maybe a video as proof (actually it should not be used at all, but it beats what you did). dont post here so everyone can download and try.

    Not that I will anyway, I dont trust that file at all. Who knows what it really is .. maybe a trojan horse?

    Please do not post cheats.
  20. Urme the Legend

    Urme the Legend Fledgling Freddie

    It never crossed your mind that it would be better to post this in a email to GOA or Mythic instead of posting it on a public forum?
  21. Xanthian

    Xanthian Fledgling Freddie

    Seriously, What a fucking TWAT!
  22. Pandemic

    Pandemic Fledgling Freddie

    yes it was me mate i hacked the server then removed it in fact i'll do it again tonight just to rescue merlins stick from the horror of being shoved up ur arse all the time.

    i'd appreciate any support to the Pandemic Stick Liberation Front
  23. Bracken

    Bracken Fledgling Freddie

    Wasn't aware that Mythic read these forums. Obviously I'm mistaken and they will read your post and use the excellent link you gave to fix the problem.

    And then again...
  24. Kicks

    Kicks Fledgling Freddie

    could this person be any dumber?
  25. AngryKid

    AngryKid Fledgling Freddie

    omg that is so sad :( and of course, peeps will download the file, try it and we will get a shitloads of banned accounts. :-(

    But then again, the person who made the file, also probably put in some trojan in it, to sniff your account details, so he can use your account. oh well. someone please lock post and remove it from the boards. and BAN this user.. :(
  26. Zapsi

    Zapsi Fledgling Freddie

    :twak: silly posting it here
  27. Duvelken

    Duvelken Loyal Freddie

    /em donates 1M fot he good cause :drink:
  28. Phule_Gubben

    Phule_Gubben Fledgling Freddie

    Can someone translate this for me?

    Get some education dude, u need it.
  29. Yaemon

    Yaemon Fledgling Freddie

    I think it was ment to be fun... failed miserably though :p
  30. Phule_Gubben

    Phule_Gubben Fledgling Freddie

    Heh.. read in his next post he was gonna try the "leet" speak, guess he ain't so bad after all.

    Sorry bud! :cheers:

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