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Acuity buff: what does it do exactly?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VidX, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. VidX

    VidX One of Freddy's beloved

    Tested it the other night when I was bored.

    Theory that more int gives more power might be right, but not via the Acuity Buff. Buffing myself (on Usp) with my BBs Acuity buff does not increase the power pool. I gain 33 power a tick from a FoP with and without the buff. Only thing might be is that the FoP regens depending on your base power pool? Doubtful.

    Theory that more int raises damage? Nope, still the same cap with or without the buff, 609 on baseline DD both times.

    Reduces Variance on damage? Don't think so, cause I did roughly the same average damage over 80 casts on a lvl 50 hero with no resist buffs up on him, damage was 587.6 per cast with buff and 588.3 without, discounting the crits and resisted spells.

    So, what does it do? Only other thing is the resist rate... and I cba to test that.
  2. Chimaira

    Chimaira Can't get enough of FH

    Acuity buff never increased powerpool
    Its supposed to be like str for a tank,. spell skill. raising dmg.
    Never meant to raise caps either. just as relic doesnt raise caps.
    it takes u closer to cap anyhow.
  3. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Long time since a bothered looking, but afaik it raises damage about 20% for red increase in power pool or cap tho.

    Mael, 50th ment.
  4. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    I know for certain raising int does raise power pool when i specced my ra's on wizard it would say certain amount of power i have gained after speccing aug acuity, so can't see how buff wouldn't have that effect too.Also usp nuke a target with resists when testing the damage difference, you should see the buff give around 12% more damage.(i can't be bothered to calculate rough number right now but it should be around this)
  5. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    If you swap power pool items about you can see the bar dropping after adding power, don't see that with the buff, so kinda suggests it doesn't affect power pool.

    /edit scratch that u don't see bar drop then either - just tried it.

    Mael, 50th ment.
  6. Saggy

    Saggy Can't get enough of FH

    Acuity buff is made not to affect power pool - every other way you get more acuity does though. Increased damage -> less nukes needed to kill -> feels like bigger power pool :cool:
  7. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    Have you tested though? just because it doesn't display it doesn't mean it will not work.Maybe go nuke some mobs unbuffed then use an inf buff and see if they take the same percentage per nuke.(i mean see how much mana per nuke does in percentage)
  8. Crookshanks

    Crookshanks Fledgling Freddie

    It definately raises the amount of damage a necro's spells do in pve - with there's a substantial increase in damage with the buff. I kind of assumed this transferred to pvp.

    The Herald says: (for Cleric version)
  9. Saggy

    Saggy Can't get enough of FH

    Tested it with my SM a long time ago and dont think they have changed it.
  10. Saggy

    Saggy Can't get enough of FH

    Time to do another test then I suppose :cool:
  11. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Aye just tested it in a duel - it's about +20% damage with red acu, for both baseline and spec nukes. No variation here, so can test it in a couple of nukes.

    Mael, 50th ment.
  12. VidX

    VidX One of Freddy's beloved

    So basically the acuity buff can be looked at as a form of spell piercing buff then? It increases damage done up to a maximum of cap it seems.
  13. Chimaira

    Chimaira Can't get enough of FH

    It never have increased powerpool. just effective dmg of a nuke. Raising towards cap just like str does for tanks
  14. Shike

    Shike Can't get enough of FH

    kindof, can compare INT to tanks WS, more WS = hits closer to capdamage, same with INT.
  15. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    You can't rly say it increases the dmg by 20% or 12% since it's different depending on the targets lvl/resist and your spellpiercing.
  16. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    It's pretty much 20% as resists are proportional to base damage. I was hitting a guildy for 415 (-79) b4 acuity buff and 495 (-95) after iirc last night. Actual damage and damage before resists both 19-20%.

    (yeah, know that's not great, my passives are v low cept dex and using SoGs ofc)

    It's not a resist pierce effect just increases damage according to whatever calc they use b4 resists.

    Mael, 50th ment.
  17. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    Well, if the target have no resists, or less resist than your spell piercing and in that case nuke cap dmg. Then your acuity buff won't affect your dmg at all :>

    So even if it's about 20% when you test it it could be everything from 0% up to that 20% depending on how close to cap you nuke without it, right?
  18. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Oh yeah sure, if you hitting close to cap anyhow you won't get the full 20%. Mebbe why Usp saw hardly any effect, he was hitting v close to cap without any acuity anyhow (assuming here that is w/heat debuff on baseline nuke from numbers).

    Mael, 50th ment
  19. Deepflame

    Deepflame Fledgling Freddie

    But if it's called acuity, doesn't it raise your casting stat instead of int? Most acuity bonuses I see raise piety on my cleric, or raise charisma on minstrels. I thought the same was true for the acuity buff..
  20. Mirari

    Mirari Fledgling Freddie

    That is true, if you have an item with acuity stats on it it will raise your casting stat. The acuity buff however only raises the casting stat of cloth casters (int for wiz/caba/theurg/necro/sorc, not sure about heretic, piety for rm/sm/bd/lock and int for eld/chanter/bainshee/ment)
    So the buff wont help for example shamans as myself, as im a support class and wearing chain.
  21. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    It doesn't raise you damage, it helps you reach your not nuke a level 1 mob any harder if you have red int will nuke a level 50 with 26% resists harder tho
  22. Shike

    Shike Can't get enough of FH

    you wont nuke harder, it depends mostly on relics and how high you have specced in the line in question if using baselinespells.

    For example, if a manachanter nukes a guy with 26% heatresist with 0% relicbonus and no acuitybuff he will nuke for around 4xx damage most likely (depending on gear overall), add in an acuitybuff and he will nuke for close to capdamage minus the 26% resists. You can never nuke for more than capdamage minus the resist calculated on max totaldamage (aka cap) unless you use debuffs or spellpiercing. Otherwise you would see people nuking for capdamage very often even with no debuff which isnt the case.
  23. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    Actually it raise both int and piety for all those classes :p
  24. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    Only if you have relics is that an issue. With 20% power relics on Prydwen my theurg nukes 730 ~~ on 0% resist (cap or very close)

    With 0% power relics my theurg nuke for 600 or so on 0% resist. And my theurg has 23 int cap and aug acuity 3, so he's not a gimp int wise (altho he is briton).

    Intelligence increases damage and power pool, but not through acuity buff. The acuity buff increases damage alone.
  25. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    I allways do cap dmg if the resist is low. Even with 0% power relics :>
  26. Yma

    Yma Fledgling Freddie

    A bit outdated and midcentric (check Piety, you Int casters). Basically 1 acu = +0.3% dd damage (I'm not sure the 250 Acuity cap still applies), so a red acuity can surely raise the damage more than 20%. Resists aren't meaningful in the calc, obviously.
  27. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    Thats not the norm, tho. How much int does your littul kobie have?
  28. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    like 150.. but 334 piety buffed :>

    Like, I hit cap several times two days ago (last time I played), and the only reason I can think of why is that the target got low resists or none at all..
  29. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    Or he's not level 50. You got like 20 more int and a bit more +skill, so maybe that does the difference tho.
  30. Zebolt

    Zebolt Can't get enough of FH

    It wasn't just one and Im pretty sure they were lvl 50.. Aye, I got 50+19 in darkness.

    Im using specline dd tho while you're useing baseline lt, right?

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