A small Word of Warning


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
I got caught out by this a while ago and am still seeing it happen even now.

This refers to the scrolls for Traldors Oracle but might apply to other complete scroll sets as well.

Traldors 3 seems to be the rarest of the scrolls and as such the prices on ME seem to range from 3.5-6.8P for it. The people selling these are obviously well aware of this hence the price, however once all 3 scrolls are combined the title completely changes to "The Completed Dichorotory's Dissertation" (I know, really logical isn't it) and you can actually pick up the entire set for less than a single 3 of 3 scroll.

Almost but not quite as bad as having that 1P Market Return token hiddin amongst all the other 1G ones.

As the saying goes, buyer beware.


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 25, 2003
Very nice of you to mention :) I just hope the seller wont go abuse now :(

Noticed the same thing on hib/exc. I was after scrolls for Winged helm, which are called Inscribed Stone when they aren't combined. Cheapest 3o3 was 4p. When I combined them I noticed they were called something like "Final Thoughts of Hermes" (if you need to know precisely go check here), and found out that the book could be bought for 1-3p. I felt really stupid.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 6, 2004
As Sarevok mentions, still see alot of ppl trying to 'rob' ppl by putting up a load of 1g stuff with a few 1p's in between - be sure to name and shame :)

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