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1.3 tues 26th

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' started by Mabs, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Yet it was the best time I had.

    Endless fins groups made it more fun though.
  2. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr! FH Subscriber

    Power levelling killed DAOC pve. My first couple of 50s were done the old way, grouping with a hero and soling (without a buffbot) with a ranger. Grouping was awesome on the hero, Corus mines groups, Darkness falls groups, glimmer groups, proper fins groups. The ranger was pure hell but so worth it when it dinged 50.
  3. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik Resident Freddy

    It wasn't that bad. You just had to pull faster that's all.. When i leveled my shammy in there i had a new batch inc while the first one were only half dead. :) We kept missing DT because of it though... >.<
  4. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    Before power levelling daoc pve was fun for it's time, but once SI had come out I started getting bored of killing the same mob with a different skin. I guess that there was better variety in other games at that point made me start thinking it wasn't so great.
  5. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik Resident Freddy

    I liked leveling in DAoC because it encouraged grouping and because i made new friends that way. I'm not making new friends in say SWTOR or WoW because they are way to solo oriented...
  6. Hawkwind

    Hawkwind FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    IIRC It got boosted massively with ToA Giant Pets (ML5 Caby) with damage shields, then boosted again with the heal procs. In POC I used to pull two rounds of 30 plus mobs with a caby, friar and bot. 3 years ago it became stupidly fast with the BG quests etc.
  7. Hawkwind

    Hawkwind FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    Would agree with that totally, DAOC was great in the early days for PVE social pick up groups. Best times I had PVE'in any game was doing gobo's in Cornwall with Fii, Madonion, Zeyd, Spiral and the like. Great times. You actually felt like you acheived something leveling to 50 in those days.
  8. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    Heh just got an email 7 days free to try the new patch, sorry Bioware i won't be coming back ever.
  9. Agrivia

    Agrivia Loyal Freddie

    Well said (although I do meet new people in SWTOR)

    (edit: I must change my ancient sig!)

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