[QUESTION] Your top 5 things that would improve Warhammer for you

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Kami, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Kami

    Kami Part of the furniture


    1. Optimise client and improve stability.
    2. Fix morale abilities so that they fire instantly if they're instant spells.
    3. Remove the /assist command or make it work for PVE targets only. I just think people should have to look and communicate in PvP.
    4. Fix Mastery rune memory leak issue with Runepriest (and Zealot ?) spells.
    5. Implement an Ultima Online "Gate" style spell for one of the classes, only to work in PVE zones (not instances or PvP) and on a long timer (30min+). Would aid in gathering groups etc.
    Lets try to keep this as whinge free as possible (I know it's impossible on FH!)
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  2. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    1. 'Balanced' BW's
    2. Morale Abilities fire when asked to
    3. People to engage in ORvR more instead of standing around Averlorn :)
    4. Something to spark realm-pride
    5. More dyes/armour/weapon models!
  3. Turamber

    Turamber FH is my second home

    1. Balance overpowered Destruction classes;
    2. Give more incentives and reason to engage in open RvR;
    3. Reduce the number of servers and increase people on each server, feels like a solo game half the time;
    4. More flight paths;
    5. More dungeons for all levels.
  4. Penlid

    Penlid Fledgling Freddie

    1. Drop the Magus/Engineer Magnet Spell - it seriously ruins the game
    2. Fix the buggy spells - ability not ready
    3. More flight masters/paths
    4. Fix the guild tab, whoever made it has never been in a guild before
    5. More UI features
  5. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    1- nerf the living shit out of bright wizards and remove all their RPs and exp
    2- sort out the PQ "contribution" system
    3- ban all the tards who think its funny to use bugged scenery to bypass curtain walls and ninja keep towers
    4- change the scenario queue system so we never see tor anroc again, EVER
    5- remove "punting" from the game, its pathetic
  6. Aiteal

    Aiteal Can't get enough of FH

    1. Stable game client
    2. Nerfs to certain classes (BW and WE primarily)
    3. Buffs to other classes (SW and SH)
    4. CC rethink, I don't like paying subs for multiplayer pinball
    5. Keep redesign
  7. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

    1 - Tone down knockback
    2 - Fix morale ability firing
    3 - Even out WE/WH and WL/Marauder level to gain abilities, at the moment destro get all the good stuff at lower level.
    4 - Improve the Dwarf skins...
    5 - SKAVEN!!
  8. Dre@d

    Dre@d Fledgling Freddie

    1- Cap scenarios at lvl 39 so we'll actually see some ORVR someday...
    2- Cluster servers to focus population , i dunno what they were smoking when they made so many servers tbh
    3- Put some cc inmunity.
    4- Balance some classes ( BW, WE )
    5- Fix morale abilites ( so they fire when u click em ) and maybe reduce the cast-time on the big-heals.
  9. Afran

    Afran Part of the furniture

    1) Class balance. Am sure I don't need to go into too much detail here, would mainly be looking at Bright Wizard's, Marauders, DoKs, Shadow Warrior's and Squig Herder's.

    2) Although I find the client stable, I have no FPS issues or any form of crashing issues, I'd like to see it improved, WoW's client is a good benchmark for this :)

    3) As someone else suggested, cap tier4 scenarios at level 39.

    4) Fix the VP system, mindlessly grinding PQ's because the opposing faction won't fight in the "right" zone is not fun, although #3 would help towards this.

    5) Items. Fix them. Now.
  10. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home

    1) cap tier 4 scenarios at 39
    2) give a larger open rvr zone
    3) fix stacking dots
    4) implement cc immunity
    5) remove magnet/rift
  11. Old Nicodemus

    Old Nicodemus Loyal Freddie

    1) reduce all xp and Rp from scenarios. scenarios should be something that is added fluff to enjoy the game when there is no ORvR. ORvR should be king for Rp.

    2) make gunbad a closed instance and allow people to do it without having to worry about retards nicking mobs/contribution/etc.

    3) remove some PQs and add instanced dungeons to promote interaction, too many spaces with the same sort of PQ kill grinds.

    4) Put PQs on serious timers. Make people care about them. Run them once an hour if need be.. it'll stop the solo grinding of phase 1 move on and promote people to band together to do something.

    5) make me care about my side. currently i couldn't give a toss if some unwashed high Elf and his dorf lover are using the front of my keep for a pissing contest.
  12. Zede

    Zede Part of the furniture

    1) Enough. Reduce falling damage right now. I can survive 10 hits from a 8ft clever dripping with Nurgels blood, but falling 20ft off a bridge into water takes half my health...

    2) Seperate senarios for L40s.

    3) In fact remove them altogether and implement a Thidranki type system.

    4) Sack the >genius< who put a L9 staff as a reward in the T3 PQ Witching Night Green Bags.

    5) Accessible dungeon instances in each Tier
  13. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    1. More Item Uniqueness (in looks and stats) to many toons look exactly the same with exactly same gear

    2. Balance All casters (imo to much dps) .. well at least a BW & Sorc

    3. Change it so if Crash/LD in a Instace or Scenario u relog back same place and not at startout of scenario

    4. Change Scenarios ..so ppl doing most dps dont get much more exp(this would stop em going solo.. also ppl doing the point of scenario (ie: picking up n delivering salvage in serpents breach) get decent exp also.. as sum1 running back n forth gathering all thier realms points to win gets shit exp cos not in the fight doing dps

    5.Change the Fetch and Punt abilities..
    a) so it doesnt pull so many people in from so far .. or throw so far if punt.
    b) change the cooldown timer on it so longer recast

    6. Give CC imunity timers.. being rrooted or snared.. clearing it then a second after being done same again sucks over n over.
  14. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    1. More People
    2. Something simular too darkness falls (Greatly improving rvr, need keeps to enter)
    3. Keep Takes in scenarios (I want Thirdranki, yes yes i do)
    4. PVE made less boring
    5. No subscription fee's

    Only 5 :(
  15. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    1. Filled servers, the game is too big or players are only playing in Scenarios.
    2. Removing Chaotic Rift/Electro Magnet.
    3. Removing Tor Anroc/Serpents Passage
    4. Adding teleport unlocks to mega dungeons.
    5. Adding c/d on ctd in mega dungeons login at entrance.
  16. Toel

    Toel Loyal Freddie

    1: Cap scenarios at 39, or just remove em alltogether.

    2: Darkness Falls' like dungeon.

    3: ORvR more rewarding, re-design the keeps. (Making em more practical, inner keep a bit larger with windows.

    4: No looting in RvR - if an item is dropped it is placed in your inventory instantly.

    5: Less penalties for when grouping in both RvR and PvE - make higher level mobs more rewarding, as in DAoC.
  17. AngelHeal

    AngelHeal Part of the furniture

    1: remove lvl 40's from scenarios.
    2: give a speed class
    3: fix PQ's and their reward maths, or atleast explain it
    4: make me overpowerd
    5: give a pizza take-away in altdorf
  18. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    1. Make the game group frindly
    2. Make the game not punishing when you group with people
    3. Merge servers now, as someone said it not only feels like a solo game outside scenarios, it is a solo game because of this and the other 2 points.
    4. Make /s and /g default chats and remove all others until a player selects to have his chatbox spammed with npc /s
    5. Make the "Coming sooon" things you can read everywhere come NOW

  19. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    A) Refactoring of the Client, cause this one is full of memory leaks and too demanding.
    B) Completely rework Crowd Control across the board:
    b1) immunity timers (3 types of cc only, KnockBacks/KnockDowns, Snare, Silence) triggering 1 min, while root stays with diminishing returns and chance on break on dmg as it is.
    Get completely Rid of Chaotic Rift, ElectroMagnet, Fetch and wtf is called the Mara one, thx i'm not a FUCKING mob k?
    b2) spread it and specialize it amongst the classes, KnockBacks/Knockdowns = tank only, Root = healer and caster ony, snares = mdps only, silence = rdps (archers mainly). This way every archetype got a clear meaning in the battlefield, as it is right now there are too many classes with out of the jail abilities without the need of other classes.
    b3) Cap Armor and Healing Debuffs 30% and give immunity timer also.
    b4) Raise a bit healing effectiveness.
    b5) Raise base Disrupt chances of 10%.
    C) Copy and Paste meaning of RvR from Daoc [Keep Lord loot? Wtf no thx] (and since they are at it the Rps distribution amongst group also).
    D) Group Speed Buff on 2 Archetypes (Archers and Casters imo).
  20. Hawkwind

    Hawkwind FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    1. Tone down Knockback or make it knockdown only.
    2. BW - only 1 dot insta to do similar damage to the Sorc one (100 per tick). Other Dot's (high damage) make casterable or remove and replace with casterable GTAOE / AOE / DD.
    3. ORVR bonuses to make it more enticing, higher XP/renown.
    4. Fix Magus/Eng Pets to LoS fire only
    5. Sort out Scenes so you can't enter same one repeatidly. Also, seperate Scenes for GG's. Maybe some type of challenge screen similar to Guild Wars Instances.
  21. `mongoose

    `mongoose One of Freddy's beloved

    1. patch 1.05
    2. patch 1.05
    3. patch 1.05
    4. patch 1.05

    5. I'd love them to add a third side in with the next expansion. Skaven would hopefully feature in that side along with perhaps vampire counts & someone else. The main thing that I feel warhammer lacks is that third side damnit!! I miss the three way clusterfucks that we used to get in daoc...

  22. Cirventhor

    Cirventhor Can't get enough of FH

    1. Scenarios capped at 39.
    2. Scenarios changed into Thid like keep takes.
    3. A third realm.
    4. Bigger RvR lakes in T4.
    5. Speed classes.
  23. ramathorn

    ramathorn Fledgling Freddie

    1. Scenarios capped at 39
    2. Fix CC and general rediculous abilities like WL / Mara "get over here", magnet / rift etc (by fix i mean remove and replace with something sensible)
    3. Itemisation is terrbile, needs to be fixed.
    4. Healing needs tweaking
    5. Frontiers similar to DAoC (yes i know this is not DAoC, but in its current format it is pure shite)
  24. TheRealViper

    TheRealViper Fledgling Freddie

    1) remove the casting system and add daoc's, its way too slow. Example: when u defend a keep as a caster (im playing a BW so ill stick to that class, but its the same for all others imho), you stay on the wall like 3 sec for a fireball, which does like 1xxx k damage, maybe a few dots whitch are instant but take a least global cooldowns time so you stay there like 6 sec if you are lucky and dont get damage, but in 90% of the times the ememy doesnt die. In daoc it was possible to defend a keep with like 80% less ppl than the attacking ones. (i know this will never happen, but at least i tried, maybe some ppl agree with me :) )
    2) like already said above copy the keep's, tower etc system from daoc. Whats the point if there are a few ppl attacking in having the door down in like 2 or 3 min at top, another 2-3 min for inner keep, well, maybe the keeplord is a bit more challenging but it should take more than 4-6 min to get into a keep.
    3) remove scenarios make orvr more attractive, give the realms more zones that are important and feel like they are theirs, so its important to defend them.
    4) improve the grouping system, ppl should be able to flag looking for a group, not just interested like the "O" menu, thats shown everywhere.
    5) Improve ORVR display information, the BO's should be shown no matter in what area you are, same with the fight symbols, i could traven to all areas and see if anything is going on, who does that, and whats the use to hide such stuff from ppl outside the areas ?

    it sounds like i want a daoc II (actually it would be awesome :) ) but WAR has a lot of nice ideas, and what kept me playing daoc was the endgame, keep takes, roaming around with a fg and fighting other fg's, tower taking, keep fights. And its really hard to find a fg to roam around, since no cental entry point to the rvr, you just see open grps of you area etc.
  25. Marc

    Marc FH is my second home

    Remove Witch Elves from the game. There is seriously no point in this class. Even a monkey with no arms, legs and eyes could play one to a reasonable standard.

    Id be happy with just this.
  26. Aiteal

    Aiteal Can't get enough of FH

    Ofc there's a point
    They make some BW players moan ;)
  27. thergador

    thergador Fledgling Freddie

    1. Optimise client and improve stability.
    2. fix some of the bugs
    3. improve hack dection code there way to many people using the teleport hack
    4. add something to make ORvR feel more risky (dare i say relics)
    5. a little bit of X please not sure what the X is it just feels missing at the moment

    enjoying the game just not sure if it will keep me aslong as DOAC LOTRO and wow have done
  28. 00dave

    00dave Artist formerly known as Ignus

    Perhaps a system that depended on the ammount of BOs captured would be better, ie. all BOs taken and the keep is easy to take perhaps even npc assistance to keep those pesky guards busy and lend a hand on the keep lord, but no BOs taken and you're looking at a near impossible fight.
  29. thergador

    thergador Fledgling Freddie

    But BO are so easy to take so that wouldn't fix it imo
  30. 00dave

    00dave Artist formerly known as Ignus

    Yes it would, because then you defend the BOs to make sure the keep is safe. It may be easy for a full warband to take BOs but it still takes a lot of time to do and while you're capping the last one your enemy could be retaking the first one. They had a similar system in alterac valley in WoW where you really didn't stand much chance against the boss unless you'd captured all the towers.

    Either that or base it on the control of the area, if you're doing well or are in control of that tier then taking a keep should be a doddle.

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