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XXI Grams looking to fill a couple of spots

Discussion in 'Karak Eight Peaks' started by eksdee, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home

    cross posted from WHA, so sorry for the greeklish ;)

    I will try to be brief.
    XXI Grams are open for recruitment.

    What we NEED : Marauders, Choppas, Shamans, Black Orcs.

    What we may consider depending skills : Squid Herders, DoKs, Witch Elves, Magus, Chosens, Zealots. ( Although we dont really need, extremely good players will be accepted )

    What we ask :

    1) Perfect vent communication ( Means you can give basic info through vent for pvp purposes )
    2) Daily activity ( 5 days per week. The more the better ofc )
    3) Cooperation with guild activities ( Join groups )
    4) High knowledge of own char ( Well i guess most people have it )
    5) Good knowledge of all classes ( To be able to see what enemies do, this : was, is, and will be one of the basic things for pvp, no perfection asked though. we will help )
    6) Knowledge of what kite means and to be able to do it ( KITE BABY KITE , 6vs12+ fights require kiting )
    7) Not holding "s" for more than 0.5 secs. ( No comment )

    P.S : We dont care about your gear. This is the last thing we check.

    What we give :

    1) High activity guild
    2) pr0 LV runs ( 1h30min LV runs )
    3) 6v6 Grps
    4) 6vzerg Grps
    5) Scenario Grps
    6) Basicly we dont zerg. ( Last 1 month i took 1 keep )
    7) Fast mounts ( lvl 37 Guild and 1.2 patch really close. )
    And ofc what we require is what we give.

    For any more info PM Kynoko in game or find me on IRC @ quakenet #XXI

    you can also contact Grindhouse and Abaddon in-game.
  2. GReaper

    GReaper Part of the furniture

    This thread is a lie, miri zergs :(

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