[WTT/WTS] That stuff from Camlann to Mid/Exc


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 19, 2004
Tuscarian Oracle Vest (Shammy)
Purple Dragon Crystal
2x MP Arcanium heavy bladed claws (Savage stuff)
Seething Frostbound Swordz
Axe of Icy Deathz
Agmundir's Foe Hammer
Nokkvi's Mauler
2x Dragon-shadow Hammerz
Agmundr's Foe Slayer
Empyrean Bonewalker Staff (Bonedancer)
3x Tuscarian Nifl-tethered Staff
Icy War Spear
Brittle Bone Boots
Runed Tuscarian Boots
Soul-scarred Boots
Tuscarian Clan Boots
2x Foe Hammer's Crown
Tuscarian Discordant Crown
Also some prince stuff

U can send me IG if u are interested to buy Sapphire or Diamond Seals
U can check stats of TG stuff HERE

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