WTT/WTB scrolls


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
I have for trade/sale these scrolls :

Adne's Letter 1o3
Alvarus' Letter 3o3
Atlantis Tablet 2o3
Arbiter Papers 1o3
Bane of Battler 1o3 2o3
Belt of Moon 1o3
Bencer's Letter 2o3 3o3
Bronze Fish Scale 2o3
Carved Tablet 2o3
Champion notes 1o3 2o3 3o3
Cloudsong 1o3
Crafter's pages 3o3
Completed Dichorotory's Dissertation (Traldor Oracle Staff book)
Dianna's Letter 2o3
Dysis' Tablet 1o3 2o3
Egg of Youth 1o3 2o3
Eirene's Journal 1o3
Enyalios's Boots 1o3 2o3
Foppish Sleeves 1o3 2o3
Helenia's Letter 1o3
Julea's Story 2o3 3o3
King Kiron's Note 2o3
Loukas' Journal 1o3 3o3
Mariasha's Wall 3o3
Marricus' Journal 3o3
Oglidarsh' Scrolls 2o3 3o3
Phoebus' Letters 2o3
Remus Story (Aten's Shield book) 120
Regarding Shades 1o3 2o3
Ring of Fire 1o3 2o3 3o3
Scholar's Notes 1o3 2o3
Shield of Khaos 1o3 2o3
Spear of Kings 1o3 2o3
Spear's History 1o3 2o3
Song of Erinys 1o3 2o3
Staff of God Parchment 1o3 2o3
Story of Malice 1o3 2o3
Tale of Flask 2o3 3o3
Tale of Bruiser 3o3
Tarin's Animal Skin 1o3 3o3
Tartaros' Gift 1o3
Traldor's Oracle 1o3 2o3 3o3

Also can be found at house 3347. List/CM will be updated as soon as i sort scrolls from last two vaults.

And i need Bence Letters 1/3.

Also have to trade artifacts :
Belt of Sun, Traldor's Oracle, Alvarus's Leggins, Cyclop's Eye.
And ML respec stone.
And Plats.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
Got scroll, couple of scrolls sold so list isnt complete now.

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