Wtt Sb Tg 1hand Sword To Tg 1hand Axe



have got a nice 1hand tg sword that i would like to trade for a 1 hand tg axe for sb

kvasirs sword of blight
sword 4
crit strike 4
qui 15
str. 30
dps 16,5 spd 3,5 weight 3,0
dot proc 64
never been used so 100%

what i need is either

Frenzied Blackhearted Axe
16.5dps, 3.2spd, 100% quality, 35% bonus
+4 Critical Strike, +4 Left Axe, 4 Stealth, +15 Str
65 pt lifetap proc (cold)


Tuscar's War Axe
16.5dps, 3.0spd, 100% quality, 35% bonus
+6 Axe, +15 Str, +15 Con, +15 Qui,
[?] haste proc

can add some money if neccery ofcourse if u got the frenzied but if its tuscar it should be even :)

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