[WTT]Feathered Wrap

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by jakob, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. jakob

    jakob Fledgling Freddie


    Spirit 11%
    body 6%
    crush 6%
    slash 6%
    thrust 6%

    10 charges value 64 DD

    Looking for GoV, Scalars, Cloudsong or anything similar useful for a runemaster.

    Cash is also useful, but I'd prefer the other stuff.
  2. lallaren

    lallaren Fledgling Freddie

    Got scalars if u want.
  3. Bonehead

    Bonehead Fledgling Freddie

    I don't have any of the items you posted, but i do have Immolated ring. I'm willing to eighter trade and cash in some extra money, or buy right off hand if you like and have a price. Need it for my BD template so bad! :)

    PM or anything if interested.
  4. jakob

    jakob Fledgling Freddie

    lallaren - I think the cloak is worth more than maddening scalars.

    Bonehead - atm I want to concentrate on getting artifacts for template, and then what other items I need. Don't want to trade for a ring I'm not even sure I'm gonna use.
  5. lallaren

    lallaren Fledgling Freddie

    Ok, well logon today or some time tomorrow after 17:00cet and we can see if we can make a deal.

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