WTS - Traldor's Oracle Scrolls


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 19, 2004
All 3 scrolls of Traldor's Oracle artifact now for sale.

Traldor's Oracle is a staff for casters. Bonedancer, Runemaster and Spiritmaster classes can use it.

DPS: 13.5, Speed: 3.8
All spell lines: 50 lvls
15 Acuity
15 Dex (level 2)
6% Cold (level 4)
6% Heat (level 4)
Bonus to casting speed: 5%
Reduces target's item-based resistances versus damage by 5% (level 8)

Arcane Siphon (level 6)
5% chance to not use any power when casting a spell

Arch Magery (level 10)
Grants target additional spell damage and ability to penetrate target's resistances.
Damage bonus: 5%
Resist piercing bonus: 5%
Target: Group
Range: 1500
Duration: 5.0 min
Casting time: Instant
This spell is cast when the item is used.

All scrolls together for 5 plats.

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