WTS - Traitor's Dagger Scrolls


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 19, 2004
All 3 scrolls of Traitor's Dagger artifact now for sale.

Traitor's Dagger is a 1-handed weapon for melee classes. Berserker, Hunter, Savage, Shadowblade, Skald, Thane and Warrior classes can use it.

DPS: 15.0, Speed: 3.4
Bonus to AF: 10
Bonus to Strength cap: 5 (level 1)
Bonus to Dexterity cap: 5 (level 3)
Bonus to HP cap: 40 (level 7)
Bonus to melee combat speed: 5% (level 9)

Summon Elemental (level 5)
Summons an elemental spirit to attack the target.
Target: Targetted
Range: 1000
Duration: 30 sec
Casting time: Instant
Spell has a chance of casting when this weapon strikes an enemy.

Offensive Proc (level 10)
Target: Self
Duration: 10.0 min
Casting time: Instant
This spell is cast when the item is used. Can use item every 30 minutes.

All scrolls together for 5 plats.

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