WTS Shaitan Wind Bracer


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 11, 2005
Getting desperate in the need for money as the template is almost done, just missign a few items now. So here it goes

Starting bid: 20p
Inc: 1p
Bo: 50p

Auction will continue until sunday the 8'th 9pm CET

Shaitan Wind Bracer (Alb)
Realm: Albion
Slot: Wrist
Magic Level: 49
Magical Bonuses:

Dexterity: 36 pts
Energy Resist: 2%

Item Bonuses:
Archery Speed: 2%
Dexterity attribute cap: 10

Magical Ability:
Function: Dmg-over-time
Damage per Tick: 64
Target: Targetted
Duration: 20 sec
Frequency: 5 sec
Cast Time: instant
Damage Type: Body

Charges: 10
Starting Condition: 100%
Starting Duration: 100%
Default Bonus: 35%
Quality: 95%
Weight: 0.00 lbs
Utility: 28.00


Levels of Use: 49 - 50
Level Req: 49
Rarity: Rare

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