WTS or WTT 2 Mid/Exc accounts, 3 lvl 50


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 1, 2004
I have 2 accounts both SI active.

1st account:

50 lvl skald Norseman, R4L2, 1109 Alchemist. He is specced 50 sword 43 BS 3 parry. He has purge, aug str2, aug dex2, aug con2, toughness2, MoP2, longwind 1, tirelees 1. He has full set of 99% qua SC armor with procs ect.

50lvl shammie Troll, 47 aug 26 mend, MoA2 and MCL. He is wearing epic armor, crafted weapons. He has 800 Armorcrafting/Metal working so he can hinge.

2nd account:

50lvl runemaster Kobold. 36k rps, specced 47 RC 26 supp. He is wearing 99% qua SC armor with procs.

43lvl warrior Norseman. 10k rps, specced max sword, max shield rest parry. he is wearing DF/drop stuff.

You can contact me on, kristianrasmussen13@hotmail.com, if you are interrested in buying the acc/acc's or maybe trading with an Exc/Alb acc, since I am moving to Alb/Exc.

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